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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"Indian or mixed-race person of Latin America" (fem. Chola), 1851, from American Spanish (c.1600), said to be from Nahuatl (Aztecan) xolotl "dog, mutt." Proposed derivation from Mexican city of Cholula seems too late, if this is the same word. In U.S., used of lower-class Mexican immigrants, but by 1970s the word began to be embraced in Latino gang slang in a positive sense.


n. (context ethnic slur offensive English) A Mexican or Hispanic gang member or someone perceived to embody a similar stereotypical countenance


Cholo is a loosely defined term that has had various meanings relating to the connotation of people of indigenous heritage, who in many cases have some Spanish blood ( mestizos), or who have adopted elements of Spanish dress, language or culture. Its use has migrated from the initial negative ethnic designation as originated by Hispanic criollos in the 16th century. In sociological literature, it is one of castas, and refers to Mexican American gangsters (pandilleros). The precise usage of "cholo" has varied widely in different times and places. In modern American usage, it most often applies to the low-rider sub-culture manner of dress.

Cholo (video game)

Cholo is a classic wireframe 3D computer game with nonlinear gameplay, originally released in 1986 for the BBC Micro computer but quickly ported to a number of other 8-Bit systems, such as the Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64.

Usage examples of "cholo".

But it soon became apparent that what Cholo had found was nothing more than a giant rock, an orbiting island.

That made Cholo more determined than ever to continue scanning the heavens each night.

But Cholo knew sound took time to travel -- it would take three-quarters of a day for a sound to travel halfway around the world.

But within a few days, Cholo was vindicated -- in the worst possible way.

A domesticated shieldhorn had been wandering down the same dirt road Cholo had been on.

But five of its babies had been following along behind it, and Cholo saw them go flying into the air like so many leaves.

The ship deployed its anchor about thirty-six bodylengths from the shore, and Cholo and two others rowed in aboard a small boat.

As Cholo clambered up the river's far bank and out onto dry land, he startled a small animal that had been lurking in the underbrush.

After about a twelfth of a day spent exploring, Cholo came across a giant shieldhorn skull protruding from the ground.

From its warty snout to the tip of its tail, it measured more than four times as long as Cholo himself.

The resemblance to Cholo was uncanny -- it was him down to the very life.

    But he maintained a steady course nonetheless, and experienced the inevitable thrill of the hunt, the ps y cholo g ical le g ac y from Man's savage ancestors.

You are only a cholo, and there are better matadors than you, even in Lima.

A few guys are busy writing names and slogans on the walls, in cholo print.

It was said thai cholo referred to the Cape Colored of old South Africa.