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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
die in childbirth (=giving birth to a baby)
▪ More women died in childbirth in the past.
natural childbirth
▪ I shall go to antenatal classes where I shall nourish my obsession for natural childbirth. 3.
▪ She is organizing a conference on natural childbirth.
▪ When his wife had died, in childbirth, he'd had to give up his married-quarter.
▪ His death came on Christmas Day, 1875, three months after his wife, Margaret, and baby died in childbirth.
▪ Only a century ago, a fair proportion of us would have died in childbirth, or been dubbed dowagers by 40.
▪ Parishioners who were following the performance in their programs knew that she died in childbirth at thirty-three.
▪ He took him to the orphanage when his wife died in childbirth.
▪ His wife had died in childbirth twenty years earlier.
▪ She too, however, bore only girls and then died, in childbirth, in 1160.
▪ She died in childbirth a year later.
▪ a class on natural childbirth and parenting
▪ Most women have some kind of pain relief during childbirth.
▪ Natural childbirth has become more popular over the last 20 years.
▪ Samuel's mother died in childbirth, and he was brought up by his aunt.
▪ Also patron of childbirth, the falsely accused, midwives, and pregnant women.
▪ He took him to the orphanage when his wife died in childbirth.
▪ His wife died in childbirth in 1863.
▪ Parishioners who were following the performance in their programs knew that she died in childbirth at thirty-three.
▪ She was a fine woman, unspoilt by childbirth, her body hardened by fieldwork.
▪ So alarming is the frequency of adolescent childbirth that President Clinton recently announced a community-oriented campaign to prevent teen pregnancy.
▪ They may be petitioned by men to help with hunting animals, or by women seeking assistance with childbirth or illness.
▪ Tough, virgin, Artemis was the Goddess of women in childbirth.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Childbirth \Child"birth\, n. The act of bringing forth a child; travail; labor.
--Jer. Taylor.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also child-birth, mid-15c., from child + birth (n.).


n. (senseid en act of giving birth)The fact or action of giving birth to a child, as the culmination of pregnancy.


n. the parturition process in human beings; having a baby; the process of giving birth to a child [syn: childbearing, accouchement, vaginal birth]


Childbirth, also known as labour and delivery, is the ending of a pregnancy by one or more babies leaving a woman's uterus. In 2015 there were about 135 million births globally. About 15 million were born before 37 weeks of gestation, while between 3 and 12% were born after 42 weeks. In the developed world most deliveries occur in hospital, while in the developing world most births take place at home with the support of a traditional birth attendant.

The most common way of childbirth is a vaginal delivery. It involves three stages of labour: the shortening and opening of the cervix, descent and birth of the baby, and the pushing out of the placenta. The first stage typically lasts twelve to nineteen hours, the second stage twenty minutes to two hours, and the third stage five to thirty minutes. The first stage begins with crampy abdominal or back pains that last around half a minute and occur every ten to thirty minutes. The crampy pains become stronger and closer together over time. During the second stage pushing with contractions may occur. In the third stage delayed clamping of the umbilical cord is generally recommended. A number of methods can help with pain such as relaxation techniques, opioids, and spinal blocks.

Most babies are born head first; however about 4% are born feet or buttock first, known as breech. During labour a women can generally eat and move around as she likes, pushing is not recommended during the first stage or during delivery of the head, and enemas are not recommended. While making a cut to the opening of the vagina, known as an episiotomy, is common it is generally not needed. In 2012, about 23 million deliveries occurred by a surgical procedure known as Caesarean section. Caesarean sections may be recommended for twins, signs of distress in the baby, or breech position. This method of delivery can take longer to heal from.

Each year complications from pregnancy and childbirth result in about 500,000 maternal deaths, 7 million women have serious long term problems, and 50 million women have health negative outcomes following delivery. Most of these occur in the developing world. Specific complications include obstructed labour, postpartum bleeding, eclampsia, and postpartum infection. Complications in the baby include birth asphyxia.

Childbirth (band)

Childbirth is an all-female alternative band from Seattle, Washington. The band is a supergroup in the sense its members are all in other popular Seattle-based bands (Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt, Bree McKenna of Tacocat, Stacy Peck of Pony Time.) The band performs in maternity gowns and is currently signed to the label Suicide Squeeze Records

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Usage examples of "childbirth".

Churel: A woman, who has died unnaturally or in childbirth during the festival of Divali, may return with her feet on back to front.

After experiencing the ordeal of mortal childbirth I would gladly have done it the next time by any other means were it possible.

Saint knew Dwight Baldwin as a man of infinite compassion and caring for his fellowman, but like many men, religious or otherwise, he believed firmly that it was the scheme of things for a woman to undergo childbirth with nothing to ease her agony.

For our own gynecologists have recently discovered that many women can be conditioned psychologically for natural and painless childbirth.

There was one woman who was really excited about the Lamaze method of childbirth, and when I was going to have my last kid, she taught it to me.

Caepionis died in childbirth the day before Lucius Licinius Crassus Orator and Quintus Mucius Scaevola promulgated a new law about the Italian situation to the members of the Senate, with the result that the Marcus Livius Drusus who dragged himself to the meeting to hear the nature of the bill was in no fit state to lend the matter the attention it warranted.

Bronislaw Malinowski thought he had discovered a people in the Trobriand Islands who had not worked out the connection between sexual intercourse and childbirth.

Further, I say that had we never been cursed with these luminosities, we should not also be cursed today with most of our complications in childbirth.

Unlike Olivia, Victoria was deathly afraid of childbirth, and all she wanted now was Edouard beside her.

Though your grandfather would have said that the union of two patricians is fraught with peril in childbirth.

Llangarlia, who traditionally had enjoyed healthy pregnancies and easy labors, now began to miscarry and, worse, die during childbirth.

To the Clan, a new life was formed by the ubiquitous essences of the totems, and any relationship between sexual activity and childbirth was beyond conception.

Sir Tristram will not live long, when you will marry again, and you will die from the effects of childbirth in your forty-seventh year.

The teachers were discussing pregnancy and childbirth rather than changeover while the victim himself appeared to be enjoying the surreptitious glances he was getting from his envious peers.

Altogether Cornelia had the care of four women who had knowledge of childbirth both personally and through aiding scores of other women give birth.