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Chicklet or Chiclet or Chick Lit can refer to:

  • Chicle, a gum from Manilkara chicle trees
  • Chiclets, a brand of candy, a chewing gum, which includes chicle as an ingredient
    • Slang for teeth, evoked by the plain white color and rounded rectangular shape of the candy
    • Slang for cocaine, derived from the white color of the drug
  • Chiclet keyboard, characterised by small, "Chiclet" sized and shaped keys, named after the candy.
  • Chicklet, traditional term for young chicken or young bird
  • Chiclet, a small icon adjacent to a blog post, article or web page to indicate the availability of an RSS feed, or to allow users to share the information via social media
  • Chiclet, an upper right hand corner button for configuring toolbars of some Aqua windows on Mac OS X
  • Chiclet, slang term for some electronic article surveillance tags
  • Michael Chiclets, nickname of American actor Michael Chiklis
  • Chicklet or Chiclet, United States Department of Defense method for tracking duty schedules
  • Chick Lit, a genre of contemporary fiction popular in the last thirty years, exemplified by Bridget Jones' Diary.

Usage examples of "chiclet".

Everybody was smoking, shouting, biting down on stony Chiclets, sucking cough drops, everybody but the pimps, regal and absolute, who merely scanned the landscape, property-hunting.

Most of my work was for second-rate clothing stores that had too much shoplifting, hard-working bookies whose wives had gone for Chiclets and never came back, and old ladies who had lost their cats, who were always named Sheiba.

Instead, she whipped down the aisle, passing a little basket of Chiclets chewing gum in tiny boxes.

Pills and magical Chiclets are no substitute for the transistorized love which passes between us in the savage night.

And in an instant there was another one beside him, and a third, and then a very little one, no more than five or six, with huge wet eyes like one of the hideously stylized Keane paintings, and all of them with the cigar boxes filled with small change, packets of Chiclets, a knife perhaps.