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Chapu may refer to:

  • Chapu, Iran, a village in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Zhapu, a seaport in China
  • Chapu, Lhatse County, Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet
  • Henri Chapu (1833-1891), French sculptor
  • Andrés Nocioni, Philadelphia 76ers forward nicknamed "Chapu"
  • Francisco Javier Puelles Gana, an entertainer publicly known as Chapu
  • Chapo, Peruvian beverage made from boiled plantain with cinnamon and clove
  • Chapu, honorary title, conferred upon Neha Vithani from IIT Kanpur, India.
Chapu (entertainer)

Francisco Javier Puelles Gana (born on December 4,f 1984) is a Chilean actor, circus worker and television personality best known as "Chapu" because of his role in Calle 7 and Circo de estrellas being the Winner of both game shows. Also Puelles has his own circus named Universal Circus: El circo de Chapu, inaugurated in Talca, Chile.