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television personality

n. A term used to describe someone known to the public primarily through their appearances on television shows.

Usage examples of "television personality".

The only other business was a reminder that one of the world's foremost psychotherapists was arriving the next morning for an all-day visit (a brief biography was passed around), and that a popular television personality and author of Folk Psychology was coming later in the month.

Only Jason Taverner, the once-famous television personality who woke up one day to find himself in a world that had never heard of him -- only Taverner, when his mysteriously taken-away popularity seeps back, understands that several alternate realities -- two upon a cursory reading, but at least three if the ending is studied scrupulously -- only Jason Taverner remembers.

A forensic psychologist for the Commonwealth speculated quite the opposite, that Waddell knew Robyn was a television personality and his act of propping her body against the television set was symbolic.

Young Klein, fluent in English, became a familiar television personality in the days that followed, repeating his story for the benefit of global networks.

The host of the show, British television personality Clive Anderson, agreed to check Bill out right away.

We represent a television personality who wishes to remain nameless, Denver tells the realtor.

The emcee of the Orange Bowl halftime show was a television personality named John Davidson, selected chiefly because of his dimples, which could be seen from as far away as the stadium's upper deck.

Born in Bangalore and educated at various Catholic schools in England, she obtained a first-class Honours degree at Cambridge, and after a brief period in publishing is now the writer and presenter of her own TV series, Jemima Shore Investigates, which has probed a number of controversial issues from women's rights to racial conflict, housing shortages to juvenile crime-along the way winning a number of awards and making her a major television personality.