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Chappe (crater)

Chappe is a lunar impact crater that lies along the southwestern limb of the Moon. It is nearly attached to the northern limb of the walled plain Hausen, and an equal distance from the crater Pilâtre. To the north-northwest is Blanchard.

This crater lies along the outer rampart of the much larger Hausen, and is surrounded by uneven, hummocky terrain. The rim is roughly circular, with a small crater lying along the eastern edge. The inner walls and interior floor are uneven, particularly in the western half.

This crater was originally designated Hausen A before being assigned its current name by the IAU.

Chappe lies to the south of the Mendel-Rydberg Basin, a 630 km wide impact basin of Nectarian age.


Chappe may refer to:

  • Claude Chappe (1763 – 1805), French inventor
  • David Chappe (1947 - 2002), American screenwriter
  • Georges Chappe (b. 1944), French cyclist
  • Jean-Baptiste Chappe d'Auteroche (1722-1769), French astronomer
  • Chappe (crater), lunar crater
  • 16238 Chappe, main belt asteroid
  • a flap of leather attached to a sword's crossguard, also known as rain-guard

Usage examples of "chappe".

Jean Chappe spent months traveling to Siberia by coach, boat, and sleigh, nursing his delicate instruments over every perilous bump, only to find the last vital stretch blocked by swollen rivers, the result of unusually heavy spring rains, which the locals were swift to blame on him after they saw him pointing strange instruments at the sky.

De Vaux, who was in attendance, then removed the chappe (CAPA), or long riding-cloak, which Richard wore, and he stood before Saladin in the close dress which showed to advantage the strength and symmetry of his person, while it bore a strong contrast to the flowing robes which disguised the thin frame.

A large man, with meaty, chappe knuckles and a frown that seemed stitched in place, he raised the bu bellow he used to cow recruits.

With competent, chapped hands, she flipped the ends of the hide into a neat loop, tucked in the edges, then inserted a stick through the center and twisted.