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alt. (context often italicized English) A traditional harp of central and southwest Asia n. (context often italicized English) A traditional harp of central and southwest Asia


Chang may refer to:

Chang (Star Trek)

General Chang is a fictional character from the Star Trek fictional universe who was portrayed by Christopher Plummer in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Chang is Chancellor Gorkon's chief of staff, and subsequently serves Chancellor Azetbur. He is an avid fan of William Shakespeare, whom he frequently quotes, much to the chagrin of the Enterprise crew. He is almost completely bald, a trait not seen among Klingons prior to Star Trek VI's release. The Chang makeup originally included a wig appliance. However, Christopher Plummer felt removing the wig made the character more distinct; he also asked that Chang's Klingon makeup be made less severe. His costume is also unique in that an apparent eye injury is disguised with a metal eyepatch which is attached directly to his skull by bolts bearing the Klingon emblem; later depictions of Klingons with eye injuries, such as Deep Space Nine's Martok, had them flaunting their mutilations as battle scars.

Chang (surname)

Chang is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname (Cháng). It was listed 80th among the Song-era Hundred Family Surnames.

"Chang" is also the Wade-Giles romanization of two Chinese surnames written Zhang in pinyin: one extremely common and written in traditional characters and in simplified characters, and another quite rare and written as in both systems. There is also a rare case of in Hong Kong written as Chang as well. For full details on them, see the " Zhang" and " Zheng" article. In Macao, this is the spelling of the surname " Zeng" .

Chang (instrument)

The chang is a Persian musical instrument similar to harp. It was very popular and used widely during the times of ancient Persia, especially during the Sasanian Dynasty where it was often played in the shahs' court.

Chang (director)

Yoon Hong-seung (born 1975), who also goes by the pseudonymChang, is a South Korean film director and screenwriter. A former music video director, Chang debuted with the Korean horror film Death Bell in 2008. His second feature The Target (2014) - a remake of the 2010 French film Point Blank, won the Golden Goblet Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival, and was also invited to the Cannes Film Festival and Busan International Film Festival in 2014.

Usage examples of "chang".

If the thing turned out to be just a chimera then Colonel Chang was done for and there would never be an effective investigation into the computer-room explosion, or into the base audits of the past few years.

Ghost landed, there should be enough time to find the trucks that were waiting to take them to Chinatown, Chang estimated.

Chang Jiechi had decided as soon as Sam had returned from Chinatown last night that he himself would drug his son and come here in his stead.

Suffice it that he did, everything included, the big godowns on the quais, shipping rights, the goodwill, stock and fixtures, and the old compradore, Li Yuan Chang.

Chang commented as the first of the Silverdrake dropped off the crosstrees and climbed for altitude to engage the oncoming dragons.

Fourth Army of General Chang Fa-kwei, resumed independence and went back home to Kwangtung, the regime in ruined and terror-stricken Hankow disintegrated and the united front of the revolution came to an end.

David Hassid and Chang to know that Carpathia wanted these to be tortured to within an inch of their lives but not allowed to die before their public beheadings.

He was the great beach of Kerguelen and the sea-bulls and the distant islands, he was the hand that had destroyed Loneliness and driven away Death, the child who had listened to Jack and the Bean Stalk, the Lion that had destroyed Chang, the companion in a loneliness ringed with despair.

Chang, disguised as a Pallas, along with Yua made subservient to her by Obie, approached Olympus in an Olympian ship after transferring from a commercial freighter.

Eva, sons, David and Steven, a Pekingese named Mavra Chang, and Stonewall J.

After four previous missions into the past, Jane Maynard, the roboticist, and Steve Chang, the general assistant, had a routine established now.

John Zhen Chang, Senior Pilot for Transpacific Airlines, is our employee of the month.

David checked for a response from Hannah, and seeing none, keyed in a connect to Chang, who had the bugged Phoenix 216 on-line for the Trib Force.

Knowing what was coming that evening, Chang felt out of touch with the Trib Force.

Chang took her turn while he put tea on and toasted biscuits over a renewed fire.