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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cham \Cham\ (ch[a^]m), v. t. [See Chap.] To chew. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]
--Sir T. More.


Cham \Cham\ (k[a^]m), n. [See Khan.] The sovereign prince of Tartary; -- now usually written khan.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

old alternative form of khan, 1550s, from French cham, Medieval Latin cham, alternative forms of chan, can.


a. Pertaining to the Cham people or their language. n. 1 An ethnic group living in Cambodia and Vietnam. 2 The Malayo-Polynesian language spoken by these people.

Cham (district)

Cham is a district in Bavaria, Germany. It is bounded by (from the south and clockwise) the districts of Regen, Straubing-Bogen, Regensburg and Schwandorf and by the Czech Plzeň Region.


CHAM is a Canadian radio station in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Owned by Bell Media, the station broadcasts Premiere Radio Networks' 24/7 Comedy radio network under the brand "Funny 820". CHAM's studios are located on Upper Wentworth Street near Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton, while its 6-tower array is located near Binbrook.

Cham (singer)

Cham (born Damian Beckett, 24 February 1979) is a Jamaica born rapper, singer-songwriter and actor, most well known for his 2006 single " Ghetto Story" from his major label debut album of the same name, a song which led to multiple "story" songs by other artists in a similar vein. He is currently signed to Atlantic Records, and was known as Baby Cham until 2005. He is still called Baby Cham by his Jamaican fans and fans from around the world.

Cham (novel)

Cham is the second novel by John Llewellyn Rhys Prize winning British writer Jonathan Trigell.

It is set in the French mountain town and extreme sports Mecca of Chamonix Mont Blanc, where the author also resides.

The novel contrasts the modern, hedonistic and adrenaline-fuelled, lifestyles of the town's younger inhabitants against those of the Romantic Period poets Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Polidori who also spent much time in the Chamonix Valley and lived lives considered debauched at the time. It also juxtaposes the sublime splendour of the high mountains and the almost spiritual quality of skiing and snowboarding against the modern town's darker underbelly and a night time world of alcohol abuse, drugs and casual sex.

The publisher has given the book the strapline: 'The Beach on ice: deep powder, dead poets and moral free-fall in the death-sport capital of the world.'

Cham (Unicode block)

Cham is a Unicode block containing characters for writing the Cham language, primarily used for the Eastern dialect in Cambodia.

Usage examples of "cham".

The Chams of Annam and Cambodia say that the goddess of good luck used to resuscitate people as fast as they died, till the sky-god, tired of her constant interference with the laws of nature, transferred her to the moon, where it is no longer in her power to bring the dead to life again.

Never mind the debate over whether the fuel cham baffle in the heavy lift booster could be four-partitio without affecting the carefully chosen harmonious n bers of the tank design.

Sitting at a table, drinking Ale, observing the Mist thro' the Window-Panes, Mason forty-five, the Cham sixty-four.

GLOSSARY Amir prince, ruler of chammur belbun chammuran term for four-legged rat bindi paint, metal, or jewel placed between the eyebrows bunjingi miniature tree form in which trunk is long, with a few branches balanced at the upper end cham large sum coin in chammur.

Born in blood, it had feasted upon the indigenous Chams, the neighboring Cambodians and the Laotians.

Angkor has survived conquests in the fifth century by the Chams, and the twelfth century by the Siamese, but neglect is another story.

We joined up with Coron Aldor's warband, and just afterward the company came to a stronghold of Spaunen, and we confronted their leader, their cham, and showed him the remains of the despoilers.

He had rushed from the audience cham ber as soon as Matron Malice had dismissed him, and had slipped away from his brother at the first opportunity, wanting only to be alone.

The gnome leader looked back to Drizzt one fi nal time as two drow fighters ushered him out of the cham ber, and he recognized the true anguish, and the apology, behind the young drow's feigned impassive facade.

Chani had other worries during these years beyond those of a negotiator Five times during this period, attempts were made on the Royal Concubine s life, once the would-be assassin managed to infiltrate her apartments and might have succeeded m his aim had his knifcwork been just a fraction more expert Chani managed to dispatch him with her cryskmfe and stormed into the Council Chamber without pausing to change her robe The sight of her bursting into the room, stained with her assailant's blood, her hand still poised on the sheathed cryskmfc's handle, threw the table into an uproar Amid the confusion, Lady Jessica-as Cham had antici pated she would-focused her attention on Irulan, soon to be Paul's Consort-m-name The Princess was genuinely stunned, but what convinced Jessica of Irulan's innocence was the brief expression of surprised pleasure that escaped her before her Bene Gessent .

For a while Rick thought that might be their destination, but the Keller car took a fork in the road at the town of Cham, rounded the northern end of Lake Zuger See, passed through Zug, turned north to Baar, then northeast to Lake Zurich.

Smoke rolled freely from cham- ber to chamber through the body of the CST, a ship built on lateral lines to avoid transfer of equipment up and down ladder wells.