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CFTX-FM (Capitale Rock) is a French-language radio station based in Gatineau, Quebec. CFTX's studios are located on Jean-Prioux Avenue in Gatineau, while its transmitter is located near Autoroute 5.

After receiving approval in 2005, the station was launched in 2006 with a Contemporary Hit Radio format as Tag Radio and later, Tag Radio X, after its sister station in Quebec City, CHOI-FM. It changed to a modern rock format as Tag Radio X, in 2009. On July 26, 2010, CFTX changed its format to its current mainstream rock format. but left most of the newer French rock tunes alone. It is the fourth French station in Ottawa/ Gatineau. It is one of four rock stations in Ottawa along with classic rocker CHEZ-FM, alternative rocker CILV-FM (Live 88.5) and blues-rock station CIDG-FM (Dawg FM), but is the only rock station in Ottawa to broadcast in French. The market's former English-language Active Rock outlet, CKQB-FM, changed formats to Top 40/CHR on March 31, 2014, leaving CFTX-FM as the only station in the market programming contemporary mainstream (non-alternative) rock.

CFTX has a low power repeater (CFTX-FM-1) in Buckingham at 107.5 FM.

The 96.5 FM frequency was formerly occupied by a low-power tourist information radio station, CFDT in Ottawa, which began operations in the early 1990s and was also used in 2002 for a special event radio programming at 96.5 MHz in Gatineau with the callsign CIRC.