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cerebrospinal fluid

n. (context medicine English) ''Abbreviated CSF.'' A clear bodily fluid in the form of a very pure saline solution with microglia that occupies the subarachnoid space in the brain (between the skull and the cerebral cortex), and which acts as a cushion or buffer for the cortex.

cerebrospinal fluid

n. clear liquid produced in the ventricles of the brain; fills and protects cavities in the brain and spinal cord [syn: spinal fluid]

Cerebrospinal fluid

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear, colorless body fluid found in the brain and spine. It is produced in the choroid plexuses of the ventricles of the brain. It acts as a cushion or buffer for the brain's cortex, providing basic mechanical and immunological protection to the brain inside the skull. The CSF also serves a vital function in cerebral autoregulation of cerebral blood flow.

The CSF occupies the subarachnoid space (between the arachnoid mater and the pia mater) and the ventricular system around and inside the brain and spinal cord. It constitutes the content of the ventricles, cisterns, and sulci of the brain, as well as the central canal of the spinal cord.

There is also a connection from the subarachnoid space to the bony labyrinth of the inner ear via the perilymphatic duct where the perilymph is continuous with the cerebrospinal fluid.

Usage examples of "cerebrospinal fluid".

Sleep-deprived animals generate such molecules in their cerebrospinal fluid, and the cerebrospinal fluid of sleep-deprived animals induces sleep when injected into other animals who are perfectly wide awake.

This was the provisional diagnosis despite the fact that the cerebrospinal fluid was clear.

The cerebrospinal fluid supplies a buoyancy that almost entirely neutralizes gravitational pull within the skull.

The Others unwound the dextrorotary helix, wrapped it around some of their most desirable genetic characteristics, dabbled with the cerebrospinal fluid and rewrote the chromosomal codes.

Instead of being an innocuous messenger, the protein coat of the virus seems to mimic a hormone that stimulates the overproduction of cerebrospinal fluid.

The interface is beginning to be affected by seepage of cerebrospinal fluid.

A grotesque array of tubes and connections sprouted from implants in the back and base of the skull, draining a continuous volume of what had to be cerebrospinal fluid into clear containers mounted on the back of the chair.

When Jack the Bodiless began his test, the image of the newly modified SIE tree with its baroque ornaments seemed to glow within its bath of artificial cerebrospinal fluid.

Odd nanoconstructors floated into the cerebrospinal fluid, targeted on individual neurones.

Inside, submerged in what Martin later learned was cerebrospinal fluid, were the living remains of Katherine Collins.