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The Collaborative International Dictionary

immunological \immunological\ a. Of or pertaining to immunology.


a. (context immunology English) Of, or relating to immunology. n. (context medicine English) Any drug used to treat the immune system.


adj. of or relating to immunology [syn: immunologic]

Usage examples of "immunological".

He and the others aboard had taken the routine immunological treatments before departure, and the ship had been gone over by his own medics to avoid carrying dangerous microorganisms to a planet with only a primitive medical technology.

His back bothered him, and he thought that one of the minor cuts on his leg might be infected, despite the routine immunological precautions taken before leaving Earth.

It is as though his psychological immunological system has been disabled by the personality disorder and he falls prey to other variants of mental sickness.

And as immunological memory too depended on proteins, could there not be a grand convergence of mechanisms operative here?

The results indicated that certain components of both satellites had acquired a kind of resistance to the catalytic corrosion, and in a way so narrowly defined, so specific, that one could speak of an immunological reaction by analogy to living organisms and microbes.

The messenger chemicals that the cells had released initiated the complex immunological defense against foreign invaders which had evolved over the entire billion-year evolution of earthly life.

Within seven hours lymphocytes began to accumulate, marking the beginning of another level of immunological defense.

Vast areas of the delicate mucosal lining of the fallopian tubes had been destroyed by the immunological reaction.

The fact that it disseminated was because of her immunological problem.

Do you know what the scientific community would say if I told them that I discovered the cure for all cancers and AIDS and every chronic immunological disorder known to mankind in one fell swoop?

The Johns Hopkins program was devised to evaluate "studies of actual or potential injuries and illnesses, studies on diseases of potential biological-warfare significance, and evaluation of certain chemical and immunological responses to certain toxoids and vaccines.

The red cells enable the blood to carry oxygen round the circulatory system and the primary function ofth~ white cells is immunological.

How could Irulan think an infectious agent would succeed against the immunological barriers which protected an Atreides?

With the interferons and other immunological amplifiers we have, we could stimulate her body to throw off the malignancy.