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Cem (river)

The Cem (, or in its definite form Cemi; ) is a river that flows through Albania and Montenegro.

It originates in Kelmend, Malësi e Madhe Municipality, Albania. It flows generally southwest through Triesh and Gruda, for some before merging with the Morača just south of Podgorica, in Montenegro.

There live 22 species of fish in the river including salmon, eel and Souffia. There is also a variety of amphibians and reptiles.

In some places there are small hydroelectric power plants, and more are planned. The water from the Cem is also used for irrigation use. While in the Albanian section the water quality is good, the river's ecosystem is threatened by waste and sewage as well as extraction of gravel and sand in the lower section.

Cem (disambiguation)

Sultan Cem was a prince of the Ottoman Empire.

Cem may also refer to:

Cem (given name)

Cem is a male given name derived from the Persian Jam.

  • Cem (1459-1495), Ottoman Empire prince
  • Cem Atan (born 1985), Austrian footballer
  • Cem Boyner (born 1955), Turkish businessman and short-time politician
  • Cem Demir (born 1985), Turkish footballer
  • Cem Kaner, American Professor of Software Engineering
  • Cem Karaca, (1945-2004), Turkish musician
  • Cem Kızıltuğ (born 1974), Turkish artist
  • Cem Özdemir (born 1965), German politician of Turkish descent
  • Cem Pamiroğlu (born 1957), Turkish footballer
  • Cem Yılmaz (born 1973), Turkish stand-up comedian
  • Cem Yılmaz (rower) (born 1982), Turkish Olympian rower
Anglicized version Jem
  • Jem Karacan (born 1989), English footballer
CEM (Macau)

Companhia de Electricidade de MacauCEM, S.A. (CEM; ) is a private public utility company with a sole concession to transmit, distribute, sell high, medium and low voltage of electricity in Macau. Besides, CEM owns an installed generation capacity of 472 MW.

Usage examples of "cem".

He was so concerned aboatbat I always had the feeling it was a paternal con cem, mif he were worried about my health.