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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"celluloid sheet for an animated cartoon," from celluloid; became current by c.1990 when they became collectible.


n. A piece of celluloid on which has been drawn a frame of an animated film.

Cel (programming language)

Cel is an object-oriented prototype-based programming language based on Self which was heavily influenced by Smalltalk. The goal was to create a version of Self that would run under a lot of operating systems without strong ties to the Self GUI for development. For example, one could create a simple command line application in Cel without the high-overhead of the Self-system.

The syntax was almost exactly that of Self. However, some of the common prototype patterns were specified as ASCII art symbols. See the examples on the link below. Also, the language was not image based. It used normal text source files to create programs. As of 2002 it is no longer being supported or developed, but the code is freely available and functional. The system worked on Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux. The language was started by Dru Nelson in 1998.


CEL may stand for:

  • Carboxyl ester lipase or bile salt dependent lipase, an enzyme used in digestion
  • Check engine light, a malfunction indicator lamp
  • Chemin de Fer de l'Etat Libanais, the national railway network of the Lebanon
  • China Energy Label
  • Central Electronics Limited, India.
  • Communications and Entertainment Limited, a defunct Australian home video company
  • Comunidade do Escutismo Lusófono, the international community for scouting in Lusophone countries
  • Chronic eosinophilic leukemia, an extremely rare cancer of the white blood cells

Cel may refer to:

  • Cel, a transparent sheet on which objects are drawn or painted for animation purposes
  • Cel programming language
  • Cel Publishing, an imprint of VDM Publishing devoted to the reproduction of Wikipedia content
  • cel, the ISO-639 code for Celtic languages
  • Cel (goddess), the Etruscan goddess of the earth
Cel (goddess)

Cel was the Etruscan goddess of the earth. On the Etruscan calendar, the month of Celi (September) is likely named for her. Her Greek counterpart is Gaia and her Roman is Tellus.

In Etruscan mythology, Cel was the mother of the Giants. A bronze mirror from the 5th century BC depicts a theomachy in which Celsclan, "son of Cel," is a Giant attacked by Laran, the god of war. In Greek, "giant" comes from a word meaning "born from Gaia." Another mirror depicts anguiped Giants in the company of a goddess, possibly Cel, whose lower body is formed of vegetation.

In a sanctuary near Lake Trasimeno were found five votive bronze statuettes, some male and some female, dedicated to her as Cel Ati, "Mother Cel." The inscription on each reads mi celś atial celthi, "I [belong to, have been given] to Cel the mother, here [in this sanctuary]."

Cel appears on the Liver of Piacenza, a bronze model of a liver marked for the Etruscan practice of haruspicy. She is placed in House 13.

Usage examples of "cel".

Guard have him to have sex with, and unlike the queen, Cel keeps them busy.

It would be your cousin Cel who was second in line to the throne, and not you.

It had always amazed me how many of the lesser fey women would allow Cel to abuse them in the most base manner possible, because if they got pregnant they would be members of the court.

I hated Cel, this was one of the very few ways that Keelin could enter the court.

He was using his own power to quietly make sure that Cel could not overhear us.

The wind rushed and hurried, sending a small herd of newly fallen leaves skittering down the rock path past Cel and his women, to brush up against my feet and legs.

It pushed at Cel like water pushes at a rock in the center of a stream, something to go around, to ignore.

No one challenged Cel to a duel, ever, because you dared not win, and to lose might mean your own death.

The thought came: Had Cel enjoyed being with someone with that many breasts?

Merry never takes the throne she will be more queen than Cel will ever be a king.

Andais had lived in denial of what Cel was, and what he was capable of, for centuries.

If Cel makes one of the court women with child within three years, then he will be your king.

I or my people are harmed in any way during that time, then Cel forfeits his life.

There were things in the Unseelie Court that could not come out in the light of day, things that Cel could send after me, though Doyle thought it doubtful that the prince would try anything else tonight.

Essus raised you as if he was grooming you to rule the courts, yet he knew that Cel was heir, and not you.