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n. A simple information retrieval service offered by the BBC since 1974, whereby "pages" of information are delivered sequentially to a television set and the viewer can move between them.


Ceefax was the world's first teletext information service. It was started by the BBC in 1974 and ended at 23:32:19 BST on 23 October 2012, in line with the digital switchover being completed in Northern Ireland. The service then ceased after 38 years of broadcasting.

Ceefax (album)

Ceefax is the debut full-length album by Fridge, released 10 March 1997. The CD digipack case is natural-tone paper colour, with clear ink on the front, which is only visible when viewed at certain angles; track listings and other liner notes are on the album spine. The album is notable for the fact that it contains three short tracks, EDM, EDM 2, and EDM3, that are influenced by drum and bass.

Usage examples of "ceefax".

Apparently she had had to change her leave date at the last minute to take advantage of a good holiday offer on Ceefax, and as she had been a bit out of sorts lately the practice wanted to let her go, if they possibly could.