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CCIR is a four-letter abbreviation that may stand for:

  • Campaign for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, a Washington, DC organization for immigrant rights
  • California Coalition for Immigration Reform, a California political advocacy group for immigration reduction
  • Canadian Centre for Investigative Reporting, produces thoroughly researched reporting in the public interest
  • Comité consultatif international pour la radio, a forerunner of the ITU-R
    • CCIR 601, the former name of a broadcasting standard promulgated by the CCIR
    • CCIR-tones, A selective calling system used in some radio communications systems in some European countries
    • CCIR-1k and CCIR-2k, noise weighting standards for audio signals
  • Commander critical information requirement, a term in the US military
  • Centre for Construction Innovation and Research, at Teesside University, UK
CCIR (selcall)

There are many types and formats of CCIR Selcall. For example, CCIR 493-4 is a standard format for HF Selcall for Land Mobile applications. CCIR (Consultative Committee on International Radio) functions have largely been taken over by ITU-R. One common type of CCIR selcall used in VHF and UHF FM two-way radio communications, is a 5-tone selective calling system mainly found in some European countries and used by the Swedish Police and the Turkish Police.

The tone duration of a 5 tone CCIR selcall is 100 milliseconds (± 10 ms) and the tones are transmitted sequentially.

CCIR tone frequencies

align=center| Value

align=center| Frequency

align=center| 1

align=center| 1124 Hz

align=center| 2

align=center| 1197 Hz

align=center| 3

align=center| 1275 Hz

align=center| 4

align=center| 1358 Hz

align=center| 5

align=center| 1446 Hz

align=center| 6

align=center| 1540 Hz |-z

align=center| 8

align=center| 1747 Hz

align=center| 9

align=center| 1860 Hz

align=center| 0

align=center| 1981 Hz

align=center| Group (A)

align=center| 2400 Hz

align=center| Repeat (E)

align=center| 2110 Hz