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CBV may refer to:

  • Call by value evaluation
  • Callback verification for e-mail
  • Cannabivarin
  • CBV, a chemotherapy regimen (the letters each denoting a different drug)
  • CBV-FM, a radio station in Quebec affiliated with Première Chaîne
  • Cerebral blood volume, which can be measured by FMRI and is closely linked to cerebral blood flow
  • Chillon–Byron–Villeneuve tramway, a former tramway in the Swiss canton of Vaud
  • Chứng khoán Biển Việt or Bien Viet Securities, an investment bank of Vietnam, is the world's largest provider of Vietnam's financial market indexes and economic indicators, such as CBV Index or CBV Total
  • Confederação Brasileira de Voleibol, national governing body for volleyball in Brazil
  • Coxsackie B virus
  • CBV, a file extension used for ChessBase Archive files
CBV (chemotherapy)

CBV refers to Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide), BCNU (carmustine), and VP-16 (etoposide), three drugs in a chemotherapy regimen commonly given to lymphoma patients in conjunction with stem cell therapy.

CBV is usually given in high doses to patients who have relapsed or who have refractory disease and cannot benefit from standard chemotherapy. Since a patient's bone marrow is virtually guaranteed not to survive a course of CBV, the receiving patient must receive a transplant (allogeneic or autologous, depending on his or her condition) of stem cells (formerly referred to as a bone marrow transplant) to replace the patient's own hemopoietic ("blood-forming") stem cells.