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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Caw \Caw\ (k[add]), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Cawed (k[add]d); p. pr. & vb. n. Cawing.] [Imitative. [root]22 Cf. Chough.] To cry like a crow, rook, or raven.

Rising and cawing at the gun's report.


Caw \Caw\, n. The cry made by the crow, rook, or raven.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"make a sound like a crow, raven, etc.," 1580s, imitative. Related: Cawed; cawing.


1660s, from caw (v.).


n. The harsh cry of a crow. vb. To make the harsh cry of a crow, rook, or raven.

  1. n. the sound made by corvine birds

  2. v. utter a cry, characteristic of crows, rooks, or ravens


CAW may refer to:

  • Canadian Auto Workers, a Canadian large and high profile social union
  • Carbon arc welding, a process which produces coalescence of metals by heating them with an arc between a nonconsumable carbon electrode and the work-piece
  • Center for Asymmetric Warfare, a U.S. Navy entity dedicated to supporting American military forces
  • Church of All Worlds, an American neopagan religious group
  • Community Archives Wales, a website of digital content

Caw may refer to :

  • a robot Doctor Who henchman
  • Kallawaya language ISO 639-2 code
  • Caw (hill), a hill in the south of the English Lake District, England
  • Caw, County Londonderry, a townland in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Caw (hill)

Caw is a hill in Cumbria, England, near the village of Seathwaite above the Duddon Valley, reaching and having a trig point at the summit. It is the subject of a chapter of Wainwright's book The Outlying Fells of Lakeland. His route from Seathwaite passes over Pikes at and Green Pikes at .

Usage examples of "caw".

The immane screeches and caws of a startled rundi split his hearing as he pushed through a witching of grass, stooping here and there to collect plant fragments.

He would have turned back at the entrance, but Ivoire drove him on with fierce pecks and harsh cawing.

Lord Redlady with a democratic heartiness which was so false that the workwoman Eleanor, silent all the evening, let out one wild caw of a laugh, like a kookaburra beginning to whoop in a tree.

Martian mineralogist, made a harsh cawing in his gray-feathered throat.

The creature made a mocking sound halfway between razzberry and caw, and launched itself at the lieutenant.

By the time they emerged into the Center, Danal and Cawn were already drifting into the big, empty middle and Wana was making a slow, careful jump to follow them.

His mother began scolding him as soon as she saw them moving away from the netting, but by that time Danal and Cawn were shouting questions at Wana and himself so loudly that he was able to pretend not to hear her.

Danal and Cawn and even Wana suggested changes that made it more complicated and much more fun.

The blurring became a smear, then where the man had stood there was only a bedraggled crow, cawing sharply as it rose upward, wings thrumming, and was swallowed by darkness.

All the sounds were harsh and grating--the whirring of grasshoppers and locusts, the chattering of parrots and laughing-jackasses, the cawing of cockatoos and scuttling of iguanas through the coarse dry blady grass.

The rath outgrabe triumphantly, and the Jubjub bird let out a deep angry caw.

Three enormous black crows came down upon the wires, thud, opened their beaks in a parodic squawk: Caw!

The merchants residing at Surat, finding themselves exposed to numberless dangers, and every species of oppression, by the sidee who commanded the castle on one hand, by the governor of the city on the other, and by the Mahrattas, who had a claim to a certain share of the revenue, made application to the English presidency at Bombay, desiring they would equip an expedition for taking possession of the castle and tanka, and settle the government of the city upon Pharass Cawn, who had been naib or deputy-governor under Meah Atchund, and regulated the police to the satisfaction of the inhabitants.

He stopped suddenly, on the edge of the clearing, and sobbing to himself, caught sight of Blacky, high above the ground, cawing piercingly, warningly.

A great bank of paeonies blazed in the hot sunshine and at the far end, rooks cawed in the branches of a group of tall elms.