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A cavelet is a small cave large enough for a human to enter but too small to qualify as an official cave. It must have been formed by the same natural geologic processes qualifying caves are formed from.

Some small cave discoveries yield much larger caves upon closer inspection. Likewise it is probable that a certain percentage of cavelets have the potential to yield further discoveries (either be larger than they first appear or provide further clues about nearby karst).

Usage examples of "cavelet".

The skin was kept in a tiny cavelet in the back of the storage area, and Keman was surprised to see how much had accumulated that was his own blue-green-and-gold coloration.

Shana stared at the magically smoothed rock of her cavelet ceiling, and blinked befuddled eyes.

Alara spared a pitying thought for poor Shana, confined in a dead-end cavelet at the end of the main cavern, with a stone too large for her to lift blocking the entrance.

Keoke had taken advantage of his position as most senior dragon present to order the confinement, pointing out that the boulder they used to stop up the entrance to the cavelet was too large for even Father Dragon to move.

His body was in a tiny hollow just below the trail, stuffed into a cavelet barely big enough to conceal him.

We found a cavelet well hidden behind tumbled stone, and when we had found the place, Chance asked that Didir look around us to see if anyone lurked.

Teddy was deeply asleep, so Zach left the cavelet late in the afternoon to rig a few early-warning devices around the perimeter.

Teddy was sitting just inside the cavelet, her arms around her raised knees, when Zach returned.

Teddy thought about that, watching as Zach dropped an armload of small sticks and branches inside the cavelet and knelt to start a fire.

The small fire crackling just a few feet away had not even begun to warm the cavelet, but neither of them noticed the chill.

The heat of their bodies insulated them from the chill of the cavelet, and the flickering firelight played over them both as darkness fell outside.

Joshua Long stepped into the cavelet, dressed as ruggedly as Zach but looking more like a country gentleman.

Without a word Zach had left to go back up to the cavelet, and Josh made no effort to stop him.

I know from my youth that there are dozens of cavelets -- you have those memories yourself.

Hand had painted them there and soft cliffs eroded with a hundred tiny cavelets along their faces.