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n. 1 (abbreviation of cathode English) 2 (abbreviation of catheter English) vb. (context transitive English) To fit (somebody) with a catheter.


Cath may refer to:

  • a Catholic
  • Cautha, a sun god in Etruscan mythology
  • Catheter or catheterization
  • the Irish word for a battle
  • the Welsh word for a cat
  • Cath Palug, a feline creature in Welsh mythology
  • CATH, protein structure classification
  • Catherine (disambiguation) or Cathryn, colloquially
  • Cath..., a Death Cab for Cutie song found on Narrow Stairs
  • "Cath", a top forty UK hit song by The Bluebells

Usage examples of "cath".

I knew of your plot to betray Cath and I sent one to kill you from behind.

I will not give you up now and there would be fighting in Cath, which must not be.

They then would mount horses and ride along the top of the wall to inspect the Cath forces and survey the Mong camp out on the plain where the black sand never stopped swirling.

Back in H-Dimension it meant little, here in Cath it was most important.

Queko was there, a tolerant smile on his handsome face, along with a little group of Cath officers.

Blade knew that the Khad had sent a messenger to Pukka, in the south of Cath, to demand a great ransom for him.

The Cath was wearing the Mong leather armor, with markings of a subchief.

He was curious as to how Sadda, a Mong Princess, and the Cath Emperor Mei Saka could have had a love affair.

The Cath patrols, riding atop the wall, had been dogging them in parallel and Blade knew that behind the wall other Cath cities and Villages were alerted in case the Khad turned south again.

Men fell and horses died and the Cath trumpets screamed high defiance as Blade began to fashion a crude pontoon bridge across the moat.

Some of the Cath archers spotted him and began trying to bring him down.

He got his wind back and parried and dodged and at last ran the Cath through.

Every Cath village and town in her domain has a big statue of you, and every house a small one.

They passed the first Cath village and Blade rode in to see for himself.

Never did they find a Cath, or a party, operating the signals, but occasionally there was a faint cloud of retreating dust on the western horizon.