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n. 1 A fight between cats. 2 (context slang English) An acrimonious fighting or bickering, especially between females.


Catfight (also girl fight) is a term for an altercation between two women, often characterized as involving scratching, slapping, hair-pulling, and shirt-shredding. It can also be used to describe women insulting each other verbally. The catfight has been a staple of American news media and popular culture since the 1940s, and use of the term is often considered derogatory or belittling. Some observers argue that in its purest form, the word refers to two women, one blonde and the other a brunette, fighting each other. However, the term is not exclusively used to indicate a fight between women, and many formal definitions do not invoke gender.

Catfight (album)

Catfight is a compilation of unreleased songs by the British indie rock band Hefner. It was released by the band in 2006.

Catfight (video game)

Catfight (also known as Cat Fight and CatFight: The Ultimate Female Fighting Game) is a PC fighting video game developed by Phantom Card and published in 1996 by Atlantean Interactive (front for pornographic film company Vivid Entertainment). It is regarded as one of the worst video games ever made. The game is not related to the Japan-only PlayStation 2 game The Catfight.

Catfight (disambiguation)

Catfight may refer to:

  • Catfight, term for an altercation between two women
  • Catfight (video game)
  • Catfight (animal behavior)
  • Catfight (professional wrestling)
  • Catfight (film), an upcoming film
Catfight (film)

Catfight is an upcoming American action comedy film directed and written by Onur Tukel. The film stars Sandra Oh, Anne Heche, and Alicia Silverstone. It has been selected to be screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

Usage examples of "catfight".

And while it was true enough that the ladies had their jealousies and intrigues, I was used to being in an all-female outfit and catfights were nothing new to me.

But oftener the member who did not have the assignment was left to the dismal mercies of a tiny Imperial community, the same homes, bodies, words, games, petty intrigues and catfights for year after year.

The woman doing the bunny hop paused, the swooping man stood stock still, the other Seekers froze on point like a pack of bird dogs, eager to watch a good old-fashioned catfight.