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Carta is Latin and Italian for " paper" and is Spanish and Portuguese " Letter". In English it takes the form " card" or " chart". Most of its uses pertain to its meaning as "paper", "chart", or "map", for example in Magna Carta.


Cârţa may refer to:

  • Cârţa, a commune in Harghita County, Romania
  • Cârţa, a commune in Sibiu County, Romania
  • Cârţa Monastery
Carta (publisher)

Carta (, also "Carta-Jerusalem" , "Carta, The Israel Map & Publishing Company, Ltd") is an Israeli publisher of atlases and maps, primarily of biblical topics. Founded in 1958, it is the principal publisher of cartographic material in Israel. Carta publishes Israel's national atlas, as well as road maps for motorists, a bilingual gazetteer (The Toponomasticon – The Book of Geographical Names) which uses material from Israel's Survey of Israel geographical database, 1:500,0000 scale maps of Israel and Jordan and a digitized map collection on CDs. An abridged version of the Toponomasticon is also available as part of a 1:100,000 atlas published in 1994.

It is partnered with Hendrickson Publisher for distribution. Hendrickson describes Carta as a, "long-established cartographic firm that holds the world’s largest collection of biblical study materials."

Carta is noted for its historical atlases, including the Historical Atlas of Christianity (2001), Historical Atlas of Islam (2002), and the Historical Atlas of the Jewish People (2003), all published in the U.S. and British Commonwealth by Continuum, and for scholarly translations of significant ancient works, such as Eusebius' Onomasticon (2003).

Carta is also the licensed publisher of the Hebrew edition of the Guinness Book of World Records

Usage examples of "carta".

We must likewise take notice of those common names, by which places are distinguished, such as Kir, Caer, Kiriath, Carta, Air, Col, Cala, Beth, Ai, Ain, Caph, and Cephas.

Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Isabella Monboddo quondam uxor Henry Monboddo in mea viduitate dedi concessi et hac presenti carta mea confirmavi Alethea Greatorex .

Still, she had no idea exactly where the site of the family villa was: she had left at age seven, after all, and there was nobody left alive, Carta or Aetius, who might know.

Recuerda la carta robada de Poe, recuerda el cuarto cerrado de Zangwill.

It took Carausias, Regina, and Carta together to drag the branches down the hill.

Regina and Carta plugged the holes in the walls with mud and straw, pushing the stuff in from either side and smoothing it off with their fingers.

Exsuperius offered nothing save advice about letting Carta chew on willow bark.

When Carta tried that she found the gathering pain would, if only briefly, be lessened.

But gradually, day by day, Carta grew weaker and more sallow, and Regina felt a growing dread.

And it seemed that as Carta had gradually weakened, the others had come to look to Regina for leadership.

She fell to the ground, yelling for Carta, as waves of pain rippled over her belly.

And so, after she had eaten, despite the lateness of the hour, she, Macco, and Carta playedtrigon , a complicated three-person game of catch-the-ball.

Regina gasped at this language, shocked and delighted, and Carta colored.

Al principio, me asombró que la ceremonia se efectuara un domingo y no un viernes, pero la carta explicaba que para un examen tan importante convenía más el día del Señor.

Molinari extendió la mano, tomó una carta cualquiera y se la dio a Parodi.