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n. 1 A bog or marsh; marshy ground, swampland. 2 A marsh or fen on which low trees or bushes grow; a marshy woodland.

Carr (name)

Carr is a common surname in northern England, deriving from the Old Norsekjarr, meaning a swamp. Kerr is a Scottish variant. Carr is also a common surname in Ireland, where it often derives from the nickname, gearr, meaning short (of height). In some cases it is thought to come from the Welsh word "Cawr", meaning giant.


Carr may refer to:

  • Carr (landform), north European wetland, a fen overgrown with trees
Carr (landform)

A carr is a type of waterlogged wooded terrain that, typically, represents a succession stage between the original reedy swamp and the eventual formation of forest in a sub- maritime climate. The name derives from the Old Norse kjarr, meaning a swamp. The carr is one stage in a hydrosere: the progression of vegetation beginning from a terrain submerged by fresh water along a river or lake margin. In sub-maritime regions, it begins with reed-swamp. As the reeds decay, the soil surface eventually rises above the water, creating fens that allow vegetation such as sedge to grow. As this progression continues, riparian trees and bushes appear and a carr landscape is created–in effect a wooded fen in a waterlogged terrain. At this stage the pH is not too acidic and the soil is not too deficient in mineral elements. Characteristic trees include alder, willow and sallow.

Carr (Essex cricketer)

Carr (dates unknown) was an English professional cricketer who made 4 known appearances in first-class cricket matches from 1789 to 1791.

Usage examples of "carr".

Jotham Carr ran past, to turn my cabin into a hospital, Tommy Bickford at his heels to stow my dunnage and bring me my fowling piece.

Carr, but go and ring one of your ministers and tell him that you have a murder which will, tomorrow, bring the Venezuelan consul, a rich family in Caracas, quite possibly the Republica and most certainly some American newsmen from Miami all asking awkward questions.

Home to Baron Glass and jazana Carr and all the comforts diamonds could buy, but not a true home at all.

Rajiv Etra and Derek Carr, were mourners and stood with the officers who mourned their Captain on behalf of the ship.

Carr, silver for the same reason you use a silver bullet to kill a werewolf, though those words would set the little headshrinkers howling.

As an added treat, Carr infuses this fun romance with a megadose of sidesplitting humor and irrepressible, eccentric secondary characters.

Aunt Annie--the one who was a mycologist --continued to feel that it was unwise to encourage the poor young man, but Dr Carr was not sorry to think that her daughter might be having a break in that most beautiful of cities.

Mac Beckett, Jo Bourne, Rob Carr, Leigh Cooper, Lisa Dillon, Walter Hawn, Nurmi Husa, Susan Leigh, Rosina Lippi, Susan Martin, Sandra Parshall, Susan Lynn Peterson, Stephen Ratterman, Beth Shope, Elise Skidmore, Jack Turley, Arnold Wagner, Karen Watson, and Michael Lee West.

Joseph Cordell Carr, alleging that city voters in their state were underrepresented in the state legislature.

Bristow, at Whitehall lane, London: Carr, Stoke Newington, of gastritis and heart disease: Cockburn, at the Moat house, Chepstow .

There were those of us who were sucked into a silence w 1 1 e carr ed with us always.

Carr and Private Compton, swaggersticks tight in their oxters, as they march unsteadily rightaboutface and burst together from their mouths a volleyed fart.

When she had outgrown the ties of the Guild-house, she should have done what Andrew Carr had done before her, and allowed the Terrans, perhaps even the Renunciates, to think her dead.

Myself and a few neighbours now procured some stretchers, and at the direction of Doctor Carr, converted the London Hotel into an hospital, and took there the wounded.

About noon Bushwyck Carr bounced into the gymnasium, where the triplets had just finished their fencing lesson.