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Carne or Carné is a surname, and may refer to

  • Sir Edward Carne
  • Elizabeth Catherine Thomas Carne
  • James Carne
  • Jean Carne
  • John Carne
  • Joseph Carne
  • Joseph Edmund Carne
  • Judy Carne
  • Marcel Carné
  • Rick Carne
  • Stuart Carne
  • Warren Carne
  • Willie Carne, Australian rugby league footballer
Carne (film)

Carne is a 1991 French drama film written and directed by Gaspar Noé, starring Philippe Nahon and Blandine Lenoir. It tells the story of a horse butcher with a mute daughter. At a running time of 40 minutes, it was the first longer film directed by Noé. The narrative was continued in Noé's 1998 full-length debut, I Stand Alone.

Usage examples of "carne".

Howard Carnes slapped his cards downa measly aces and foursand reached for the pitcher.

Salomone, ut de Hebionis opinione credendus erat Ergo iam dei filius ex patris dei semine, id est spiritu, ut esset et hominis filius, caro ei sola competebat ex hominis carne sumenda sine viri semine.

Carnes also edits Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, which has articles about sexual offenders, women addicts, adolescent addicts, recovery for couples, etc.

I contented myself with the few favours she granted me, pretending as usual only to yield to violence, when I was obliged to restrain myself on the appearance of her husband, who took the precaution of making a noise before he carne in.

Just as she went out with her father, Manon carne in under the pretext of asking me what lace I would wear for the day.

So I had Theodore change the IV bags the day that Nola Payne carne over.

Now, so it was that the Vizier despatched a summons for the attendance of the Cadi, and he carne and performed between Shibli Bagarag and Noorna bin Noorka ceremonies of betrothal, and wrote terms of contract.

SPORTS IN AMERICA W hile they waited for Milchuk to show, Carnes leafed throughSports Illustrated , the NFL Preview issue, and Penner checked out the baseball scores inThe Globe .

It struck him as an irony that Carnes could in any way be a comfort to him.

After high school Carnes had continued on this track, whereas Penner, dismayed by the bloody requisites of the life, had attended Boston College and then gotten into real estate.

In school, he had delighted in mind-fucking Carnes, pushing him to the brink of rage, making the creepy little mad boy twitch, then easing up.

Pushing and easing up, over and over, until Carnes was punchy from surges of adrenaline.

Without reducing his speed, Carnes swung onto a gravel road that wound away through low thickets, the leaves mostly gone to brown.

He let the gun fall, and Carnes kicked him in the back of the legs, driving him to his knees in the tall grass.

Looking up at the muzzle of the gun, feeling the stony shoulder of earth beneath him, seeing the dark clouds wheeling like great slow wings above Carnes, he felt oddly peaceful, even sleepy.