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n. (plural of carl English)


Carls may refer to:

  • Carl Carls (1880-1958), a German chess master
  • Rolf Carls (1885–1945), a Generaladmiral of the Kriegsmarine during World War II
  • Stephen Carls, chair of the history department at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee

Usage examples of "carls".

A couple of Carls ambled up alongside the car, and puffed their necks out at me.

The Carls moved up to meet me, coming at each side, but I kept going because I reckoned they weren’t going to do anything until they had the signal from Barnes.

If it came to it, I only needed a few seconds - whereas the Carls would take about an hour to get those ridiculous bodies kick-started into action.

The Carls paced somewhere, but Barnes had told them to keep their distance and they did.

Takes a lot of proving now, his audience muttered, the carls of the Army talking freely as was their right.

Carlsen should have remembered that no gossip columnist was ever without one.