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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Capra \Ca"pra\, n. [L., a she goat.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of ruminants, including the common goat.

Capra (genus)

Capra is a genus of mammals, the goats or wild goats, composed of up to nine species, including the wild goat, the markhor, and several species known as ibex. The domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is a domesticated subspecies of the wild goat (Capra aegagrus). Evidence of goat domestication dates back more than 8,500 years.

Wild goats are animals of mountain habitats. They are very agile and hardy, able to climb on bare rock and survive on sparse vegetation. They can be distinguished from the genus Ovis, which includes sheep, by the presence of scent glands close to the feet, in the groin, and in front of the eyes, and the absence of other facial glands, and by the presence of a beard in the males, and of hairless calluses on the knees of the forelegs.

The Rocky Mountain goat is in a separate genus, Oreamnos.


Capra may refer to:

  • Capra (genus), comprising the goats
  • CAPRA, Cancer of the Prostate Risk Assessment Score
  • Capra (band), American music group
  • Capra (titular see), a titular see in the Catholic Church
  • Capra (goat dance), a Romanian custom
  • Compagnie Anonyme de Productions et Réalisations Aéronautiques (CAPRA) a French aircraft manufacturer / design study house
  • CAPRA, County Antrim Paranormal Research Association
  • Capra (car), a pick-up brand from the Iranian Bahman Group
Capra (band)

Capra is an American musical group composed by Michael Johnson, Jeff Laliberte, Kelly Blatz (Star from the Disney XD's series Aaron Stone), Paul Laliberte, Shelby Archer. The band formed in 2004. Since July 2009 the band plays for the record label of Hollywood Records.

Capra (Mauretania Caesariensis)

Capra was a town and bishopric in the late Roman province of Mauretania Caesariensis, in what is today the area of Béni Mansour and Béni Abbès, Algeria.

Capra (goat dance)

Capra is the name of a traditional Romanian dance, performed around New Year. It's executed by a young man with a goat mask and a sheep skin on his back. The 'goat' and his companions go from house to house, dancing at each door on New Year's Eve. This custom is first mentioned in Descriptio Moldaviae by Dimitrie Cantemir.

See also Kukeri.

Usage examples of "capra".

To the point where the judge cautioned Capra to be gentle in his cross-examination.

He tells us what Capra says, and Capra says our Suppression is at an end.

When they came on again, moments later, the voice of Capra had gone, leaving an empty chair and a congregation ready to follow him wherever he chose to lead them.

They have seduced spineless American and British scholars into giving the benediction of serious study to such thin beer as the films of Capra, Hawks, and Jerry Lewis.

It conjured up images of Norman Rockwell paintings and old Frank Capra movies.

She is a fiend for the comedies of the thirties and forties-Lubitsch, Capra, Cukor.

Le ho dedicato cure tanto assidue, che non soltanto la capra è sopravvissuta, ma la zampa è guarita benissimo ed è tornata forte come prima.

Innanzitutto mandai Venerdì a prendere una capra di un anno, cioè una via di mezzo fra capra e capretto, prelevandola dal mio gregge particolare.

We also met several other examples of the Splinter culture at the same time, including Mavra's wife, Cyclide, and his cousin, Cyolus Capra.

Le altre scorte comprendevano una grossa sacca piena di riso, l'ombrello da fissare sopra la mia testa per avere un poco d'ombra, un'altra grande brocca d'acqua dolce e un paio di dozzine di pagnottelle, o stiacciate d'orzo, più di quanto ne avessi prese con me la volta precedente, oltre a una fiasca di latte di capra e ad una forma di formaggio.