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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Capitalization \Cap"i*tal*i*za`tion\, n. 1. The act or process of capitalizing.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1860, "act of converting (assets) to capital," noun of action from capitalize in the financial sense. Meaning "act of writing or printing in capital letters" is recorded from 1864.


n. (standard spelling of from=American spelling from2=Oxford British spelling capitalisation English)

  1. n. writing in capital letters [syn: capitalisation]

  2. an estimation of the value of a business [syn: capitalisation]

  3. the act of capitalizing on an opportunity [syn: capitalisation]

  4. the sale of capital stock [syn: capitalisation]


Capitalization, or capitalisation, is writing a word with its first letter as a capital letter (upper-case letter) and the remaining letters in lower case in writing systems with a case distinction. The term is also used for the choice of case in text.

Conventional writing systems ( orthographies) for different languages have different conventions for capitalization.

The systematic use of capitalized and uncapitalized words in running text is called "mixed case". Conventions for the capitalization of titles and other classes of words vary between languages and, to a lesser extent, between different style guides.

In some written languages, it is not obvious what is meant by the "first letter": for example, the South-Slavic digraph 'lj' is considered as a single letter for the purpose of alphabetical ordering (a situation that occurs in many other languages) and can be represented by a single Unicode character, but at the start of a word it is written 'Lj': only the L is capitalized. In contrast, in Dutch, when a word starts with the digraph ' ij', capitalization is applied to both letters, such as in the name of the city of IJmuiden. There is a single Unicode character that combines the two letters, but it is generally not used.

Capitalization (disambiguation)
For Wikipedia guidelines for capitalization, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Capital letters.

Capitalization is writing a word with its initial letter in uppercase and remaining letters in lowercase, or gaining by turning a situation to one's advantage. Capitalization may also refer to:

  • choice of case in text (choosing from ALLCAPS, Capitalized, CamelCase, etc.)
  • an issue of shares by a company known as a rights issue
  • the degree to which a bank or depository institution is meeting its capital requirement and/or capital adequacy ratio
  • market capitalization, a measurement of corporate or economic size of a public company, equal to the company's share price times the number of shares outstanding
  • adding a capital expenditure to an asset account in accountancy
  • in Austrian Economics, taking the present value of future earnings (as proposed by Carl Menger)

Usage examples of "capitalization".

An Illinois tax on the local business, which was measured by the total capitalization of the company was sustained, it being shown further that the tax was little more than it would have been if levied at the same rate directly on the property of the company that was in Illinois.

It led the industry in practically any category you can think of: It had the largest sales, the most profits, the highest market capitalization, the largest research budget, and the most patents of any company in the industry.

The stalwart centurion of the copy editing line, Paula Greenberg, makes certain that all my capitalizations and spellings match and imparts as much consistency as anyone can to someone as chaotic as I am.

At $2,625 per share, the company had a market capitalization of over $26 billion.

He also wanted a company with a market capitalization of under £.

But Randy is afraid that Chester's about to tell him that stock in that Minneapolis company is now up to the point where its market capitalization exceeds that of General Dynamics, and that Randy should've held onto his shares.

Yet mankind for ever doubts, quirks, and for every pleasure pays, till he becomes millionary: the punishment shall fit the appraisement of his capitalization, there is that fear] The rich in dross, to cheat his conscience, affects humility, speaks of himself as "poor," his possessions as "burdens," or of "small account"] Of what consolation the truth in the day of weary waiting and watching, the restless striving, the imprisonment, the rack, the horrors of every conceivable torture?

Magic, the reduction of properties to simplicity, making them transmutable to utilise them afresh by direction, without capitalization, bearing fruit many times.