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The Collaborative International Dictionary

capitalisation \capitalisation\ n. 1. same as capitalization.

Syn: capitalization.


n. 1 The act or process of capitalize. 2 # Choice of case (when writing a word); the act or process of writing a word in a particular case, such as ALL CAPS, CamelCase, or all lowercase. 3 ## (context in particular English) The act or process of writing (something: either an entire word or text, or just the initial letter(s) thereof) in capital letters. 4 ##: ''The '''capitalisation''' of all nouns is a distinctive feature of German.'' 5 # The act or process of seizing (an opportunity) and profiting or obtaining an advantage (from it). 6 The state of being capitalized. 7 # The state of having a particular case, such as ALL CAPS or all lowercase. 8 The total value of all outstanding shares for a publicly-traded company

  1. n. writing in capital letters [syn: capitalization]

  2. an estimation of the value of a business [syn: capitalization]

  3. the act of capitalizing on an opportunity [syn: capitalization]

  4. the sale of capital stock [syn: capitalization]

Usage examples of "capitalisation".

I doubt if one of them was interested in any business the total capitalisation of which exceeded a couple of hundred thousand dollars.