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Canzo ( in the Italian language, Canz or , in the Lombard language, depending on native or Milanese pronunciation) is a commune of the Italian province of Como. It is the last town north of the historical Brianza region of Lombardy, capital of the Lake Como Triangle community and a regional tourism destination.

It has 5,192 citizens and an area of , a density of 445 persons/km (1,100/sq mi).

Its history began in the 5th century BC, when it was founded by Celts and Gaulish Insubres. Prehistoric settlements date to the Mesolithic period and the Copper Age. The name of the town comes from the LatinCantius, itself from the Celtic root meaning edge.

It is known in Lombardy for its mountains, particularly the Corni di Canzo (Canzo's Horns) and the Cornizzolo. The surroundings are rich in watercourses and springs. Lago del Segrino is a glacial lake fed by underground springs. Canzo hosts BIOFERA, one of the main organic farming events in Italy.

According to a statistic of the major financial newspaper of Italy, Canzo is a leader place of hobbies and security and the 1st borough for social vitality in the Italian mountains.