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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Bel canto is a good basis for both opera and lieder.
▪ Does not the use of the Na-Khi material in those cantos tell its own tale?
▪ Here she also shows some impressive bel canto chops.
▪ On the other hand, Merritt's singing this time justified his reputation as an exponent of this bel canto Heldentenor role.
▪ The first 11 cantos are preparation of the palette.
▪ The quest to free Ireland begins Book V and the successful slaying of Grantorto is in the final canto.
▪ This emphasis on the triumph of masculine order is the context of Book V's final cantos.
▪ When we turn from the Rock-Drill cantos to the Classic Anthology, something is lost but much is gained.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Canto \Can"to\, n.; pl. Cantos. [It. canto, fr. L. cantus singing, song. See Chant.]

  1. One of the chief divisions of a long poem; a book.

  2. (Mus.) The highest vocal part; the air or melody in choral music; anciently the tenor, now the soprano.

    Canto fermo[It.] (Mus.), the plain ecclesiastical chant in cathedral service; the plain song.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from Italian canto "song," from Latin cantus "song" (see chant (v.)). As "a section of a long poem," used in Italian by Dante, in English first by Spenser.


n. One of the chief divisions of a long poem; a book.

  1. n. the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music

  2. a major division of a long poem


The canto is a principal form of division in a long poem. The word canto is derived from Italian word for "song" or singing; which is derived from the Latin cantus, for "a song", from the infinitive verb canere—to sing. The use of the canto was described in the 1911 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica as " a convenient division when poetry was more usually sung by the minstrel to his own accompaniment than read". There is no specific format, construction, or style for a canto and it is not limited to any one type of poetry.

Famous poems that employ the canto division are Luís de Camões' Os Lusíadas (10 cantos), Lord Byron's Don Juan (17 cantos, the last of which unfinished), Valmiki's Ramayana (500 cantos), Dante's The Divine Comedy (100 cantos), and Ezra Pound's The Cantos (120 cantos).

Canto (news aggregator)

Canto is a terminal based aggregator for online news. It supports all major news formats ( RSS/ RDF and Atom), as well as importing from and exporting to OPML. The news content is downloadable and as such Canto also has limited podcasting support. Canto intends to be extremely flexible and extensible, allowing the full use of the Python programming language in its configuration.

Canto (disambiguation)

A canto is the principal form of division in a long poem. It may also refer to:

Canto (Charles Lloyd album)

Canto is an album by jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd recorded in December 1996 by Lloyd with Bobo Stenson, Anders Jormin and Billy Hart.

Canto (Soler album)

Canto is the fifth studio album (sixth album overall including the live album Unplugged at Kafka) by C-rock band Soler. It performed successfully on the Hong Kong charts. The title of the album is a play on words, referring to canto, Italian for "I sing", and referring to Canto, a popular slang for Cantonese language, as the album is sung entirely in Cantonese. The album deviated from the heavy rock elements of their previous album X2, by employing a new funk and indie elements driven by acoustic guitar.

Canto (Los Super Seven album)

Canto is the second studio album by Latin supergroup Los Super Seven. It was released in March 2001, under Legacy Recordings.

Canto (organization)

The cantos were guilds or associations managed by Nagos (Yoruba slaves) in Bahia, Brazil, in which members pulled resources to buy freedom, with the first to secure contributing to the pool until the last canto member was free.

The term “canto” literally means corner. The cantos were called "corners" because of the places they gathered in the city to attend their customers. Each canto bore the name of the locale where its ganhadores (earners) gathered.

The cantos were well organized and had a system for electing their own captains. Brazilian historian Manuel Querino described the inauguration ceremony for the new captain:

The members of the canto would borrow a keg from one of the warehouses on Julião or Pilar Street. The would fill it with sea water, bind it with ropes, and stick a long board through the ropes. From 8-12 Ethiopians, usually the strongest of the lot, would lift the keg, on top of which the new captain would ride, holding the branch of a bush in one hand and in the other a bottle of white rum. The entire canto would parade toward the Pedreiras neighborhood. Porters would intone a monotonous air, in an African dialect or patois. They would return, in the same order, to the point of departure. The recently elected captain was then congratulated by members of other cantos, and on that occasion, he performed a sort of exorcism with the liquor bottle, sprinkling a few drops of its contents out. This confirmed the election

Usage examples of "canto".

The great man began to recite the two fine passages from the thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth cantos, in which the divine poet speaks of the conversation of Astolpho with St.

She got down Ariosto and began to read to me the adventure of Ricciardetto with Fiordespina, an episode which gives its beauty to the twenty-ninth canto of that beautiful poem which I knew by heart.

Metimo-lo coche na cuneta, e a mina muller e mdis eu temos que chegar a Vigo canto antes.

Of these are piano, violin, orchestra, canto, allegro, piazza, gazette, umbrella, gondola, bandit, etc.

Stigelli was also one of the same style of singers at that time and I heard them both in grand opera and there was never a tremolo in either of their voices but perfect art in messa di voce, Bel Canto singing.

Applying the fourth canto of the Tennyson Principle, we lambed the yeats with a loaded shelley and sonneted the poe plathing woman with a dose of pentameter frost.

I set our schedule ahead to the Ulysses canto at the last minute so that we might reinvigorate ourselves, and worked on the intermediate cantos myself.

There were nine previously unreviewed cantos, one partially translated, and two with which Longfellow was not fully satisfied.

Canto Three, the Neutrals, had taken place three or four days after the murder of Justice Healey.

Had the long stanzas, bound by so many interwoven links of rhyme, ending in long Alexandrines, the long cantos, the lingering sweetness long drawn out through so many unended books, begun to weary her at last?

If these preposterous gnats were really daring to attack the hive, here was stuff to fill another comic canto.

Dulwich, he read an account of a shipwreck, which has been supposed to have furnished some of the most striking incidents in the description of the disastrous voyage in the second canto in Don Juan.

The great man began to recite the two fine passages from the thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth cantos, in which the divine poet speaks of the conversation of Astolpho with St.

I admire Horace, but as for Ariosto, with his forty long cantos, there is too much of him.

With this idea I wrote a question addressed to the supposed Intelligence, in which I ask in what canto of Ariosto I should find the day of my deliverance.