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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cantle \Can"tle\, n. [OF. cantel, chantel, corner, side, piece, F. chanteau a piece cut from a larger piece, dim. of OF. cant edge, corner. See 1st Cant.]

  1. A corner or edge of anything; a piece; a fragment; a part. ``In one cantle of his law.''

    Cuts me from the best of all my land A huge half moon, a monstrous cantle out.

  2. The upwardly projecting rear part of saddle, opposite to the pommel. [Written also cante.]


''' Canté ''' is a commune in the Ariège department in southwestern France.

Usage examples of "cante".

Señor Rawcliffe quiere que tu, listed canta, cante, subjunctive there somewhere, whatever it is.