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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Canna \Can"na\, n. [It.] A measure of length in Italy, varying from six to seven feet. See Cane, 4. [1913 Webster] ||


Canna \Can"na\, n. [L., a reed. See Cane.] (Bot.) A genus of tropical plants, with large leaves and often with showy flowers. The Indian shot ( Canna Indica) is found in gardens of the northern United States.


Etymology 1 n. Any member of the genus ''Canna'' of tropical plants with large leaves and often showy flowers. Etymology 2

vb. (context Scotland Jamaica English) contraction of can not; cannot. Etymology 3

n. A measure of length in Italy, varying from six to seven foot.


n. any plant of the genus Canna having large sheathing leaves and clusters of large showy flowers

Canna (plant)

Canna (or canna lily, although not a true lily) is a genus of 10 species of flowering plants. The closest living relations to cannas are the other plant families of the order Zingiberales, that is the Zingiberaceae (gingers), Musaceae (bananas), Marantaceae, Heliconiaceae, Strelitziaceae, etc.

Canna is the only genus in the family Cannaceae. The APG II system of 2003 also recognizes the family, and assigns it to the order Zingiberales in the clade commelinids, in the monocots.

The species have large, attractive foliage, and horticulturists have turned it into a large-flowered and bright garden plant. In addition, it is one of the world's richest starch sources, and is an agricultural plant.

Although a plant of the tropics, most cultivars have been developed in temperate climates and are easy to grow in most countries of the world as long as they receive at least 6–8 hours average sunlight during the summer, and are moved to a warm location for the winter. See the Canna cultivar gallery for photographs of Canna cultivars.

The name Canna originates from the Latin word for a cane or reed.


Canna may refer to:

Canna (unit)

Canna (pl. canne; proper meaning in Italian: Cane) was an ancient Italian unit of length, which differed from place to place.

  • Capua: 2.1768707 m (9th – 15th centuries)
  • Republic of Genoa: 2.49095 m
  • Kingdom of Naples:
    • canna: 2.1163952 m (edict of 6 April 1480)
    • canna: 2.6455026 m (law of 6 April 1840)
    • field surveying canna: 6.998684 m² (law of 6 April 1840)
  • Romagna: 1.9928 m
  • Sicily: 2.062 m
  • Tuscany
    • field surveying canna, a.k.a. 5 "braccia" long "pertica": 2.9183 m
    • canna (fabric): 0.58366 m
  • Rome
    • canna (architecture): 2.234 m
    • commercial canna: 1.992 m
  • Teramo: 3.17 m
  • Malta: 2.08 m (2 yd, 10 in)
Canna (name)

Canna may refer to the following people

  • Saint Canna, a 6th-century Welsh saint and Breton princess
  • Achille Canna (born 1932), Italian basketball player
  • Carlo Canna (born 1992), Italian rugby union player
  • Nobutoshi Canna, a Japanese voice actor

Usage examples of "canna".

Brassica oleracea, circumnutation of the radicle, of the arched hypocotyl whilst still buried beneath the ground, whilst rising above the ground and straightening itself, and when erect--Circumnutation of the cotyledons--Rate of movement--Analogous observations on various organs in species of Githago, Gossypium, Oxalis, Tropaeolum, Citrus, Aesculus, of several Leguminous and Cucurbitaceous genera, Opuntia, Helianthus, Primula, Cyclamen, Stapelia, Cerinthe, Nolana, Solanum, Beta, Ricinus, Quercus, Corylus, Pinus, Cycas, Canna, Allium, Asparagus, Phalaris, Zea, Avena, Nephrodium, and Selaginella.

I canna help the minister I can mishandle some that hae brocht him doun.

Orazio aveva una canna della sua carabina carica e poteva ammazzarlo ma non si mosse.

They replaced their footgear, and Canna led them away from the river into the trees before she let them stop to eat.

Surely he canna be that far frae waukin up to see and ken that he sees and kens naething!

And, sir, ye maunna try to gar me tell, for I hae no richt, and surely ye canna hae the hert to gar me!

But I still canna pick up the numbers and give them to the Olympiad Committee.

He lost himself in reverie of his first life for a moment, remembering that old canna of a Premia Sancta, Caterin Serrano, and her banishment of all Grijalvas from the shrines and Sanctias she controlled.

Those that canna leave bring their babes across the river to me, but I have no room for any more and besides, they shouldna be with me, they should be safe with their families.

Any cunt whae disnae huv a silver spoon in thir mooth or isnae prepared tae be an arse-licking wanker cannae live within the law back thair.

Cannae go roond tellin ivraybody whae thuv goat tae fuckin well mairray, eh?

With germinating monocotyledonous seeds, of which, however, we did not observe a large number, the plumules, for instance, those of Asparagus and Canna, are straight whilst breaking through the ground.

Though I canna say he was a warm man, or even that he ever liked me much, he did honor his word to me, teachin' me the ways of a merchant.

Canna Warscewiczii, circumnutation of plumules, 58, 59 --, of leaf, 252 Cannabis sativa, movements of leaves, 250 --, nocturnal movements of cotyledons, 307 Cannabis sativa, sinking of the young leaves at night, 444 Cassia, nyctitropic movement of leaves, 369 Cassia Barclayana, nocturnal movement of leaves, 372 --, slight movement of leaflets, 401 -- calliantha, uninjured by exposure at night, 289, n.

If he canna convince Tryon-which he can't-perhaps Tryon will convince Husband that he's in earnest.