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Cani (Spanish footballer)

Rubén Gracia Calmache (born 3 August 1981), known as Cani, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Real Zaragoza. Usually a right midfielder, he can also play on the left.

During his career he played almost exclusively with Zaragoza and Villarreal, winning two major titles with the former and appearing in 327 official games with the latter.


Cañí is a Spanish adjective, which refers to the Romani people. La España cañí is a set phrase that refers to folkloric Spain and is sometimes used derogatorily. It must be distinguished from cani, a violent urban tribe of Spain. Note that in Spanish n and ñ are two different consonants with different pronunciation.

Cañí is the origin of the song name España cañí, meaning Gypsy Spain, a Spanish pasodoble often played at bullfights, and also known as the Spanish Gypsy Dance.


Cani or similar can mean:

  • Canoe Association of Northern Ireland, the Northern Irish CANI
  • Cañi, a Spanish word
  • CANI, an acronym for "constant and never-ending improvement" used by Tony Robbins in his "Personal Power" book