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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cangue \Cangue\ (k[a^]ng), n. [Written also cang.] [F. cangue, fr. Pg. canga yoke.] A very broad and heavy wooden collar which certain offenders in China are compelled to wear as a punishment.


Cang or CANG may refer to:

  • Cang County, in Hebei, China
  • Cangue, small device that was used for public humiliation
  • California National Guard
  • Canada goose, bird species alpha code used by banders
  • Cang Du is a Quincy of the Wandenreich and also member of the groups Sternritter from Bleach.

Usage examples of "cang".

It's the collapse of the wave function, such as Schrodinger's cat - you know all about Schrodinger's cat, Cang Hai?

He came with a retinue of four, the wispy Poulsen, another scientist, a blonde personal assistant whom we had met, as Cang Hai reminded me, in Dreiser's office, and a fourth member whom I hardly recognised at first.

Maybe he's scared of us - no, not of you, Cang Hai, but you're another sexless little thing, aren't you?

We only want to talk to you,' said a voice that Cang Hai recognised as Feneloni's.

As for Cang Hai, she clearly needed indoctrination into the pleasures of sex.

That night, when the domes lay under their usual suspirations that passed for silence, and Laputa and Swift slid across the sky outside, I undressed and went to Cang Hai's bed.

After a moment, I stirred myself, smiled weakly at Cang Hai, rose, and returned to the window to watch the runners.

I saw how Cang was still something of a child, using the excuse of her daughter to play childishly.