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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Camphine \Cam*phine"\ (k[a^]m*f[=e]n" or k[a^]m"f[i^]n), n. Rectified oil of turpentine, used for burning in lamps, and as a common solvent in varnishes.

Note: The name is also applied to a mixture of this substance with three times its volume of alcohol and sometimes a little ether, used as an illuminant.


n. Rectified oil of turpentine, used for burning in lamps and as a solvent in varnishes.


Camphine was the trade name of a purified spirit of turpentine formerly used for lamps, generally prepared by distilling turpentine with quicklime. Camphine gives a very brilliant light when burned in a lamp, but, to prevent smoking, the lamp must have a very strong draught. To achieve this special lamps were constructed, called Vesta lamps.

Usage examples of "camphine".

  The supper was spread on a long table in the saloon up-stairs, and the room was lighted with camphine lamps, - for as yet gas had not found its way to Granpere.