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n. (plural of camper English)

Usage examples of "campers".

There, parked at the end of a man-made jetty, sat two Winnebago campers and a beer truck.

Father was so afraid that some of the campers and guides would help him that he had notices sent out at Mr.

Pack the stuff in campers, five and six tons each, and send it to Miami on U.

Monk, all the way praying there would be campers or real forest rangers around who could help them.

We follow Kiffin through the shade of pines along an overgrown path of churned-up snow, past old campers that list like unseaworthy ships.

On the other side of the narrow, muddy lick of water, rooftops and old campers peeking out of thick pines become The Fort James Motel and Camp Ground.

She shows no reaction as we are walked at gunpoint past rusty campers that I suspect are unoccupied for a reason.