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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Loville is not a happy camper.
▪ His wife, Josey, has suggested that he no longer drives their automatic Bedford fully equipped camper van.
▪ They had booked a Toyota camper van and told the hire company they intended spending the next three weeks touring New Zealand.
▪ My second disaster of the trip happened in the very minute of taking the camper van on to the road.
▪ We returned the camper van to the hire centre and had a conference to decide what next.
▪ Are they Jonathan-Kinging all-year round campers or something?
▪ Butlin of course wanted to keep campers in the camps.
▪ By late Friday evening, the campsite was already half full with more campers arriving by the minute.
▪ It is a pristine waterway and kept that way by the many thoughtful campers that use the faculties along the way.
▪ The Alvord Lake area is now a favorite hangout for homeless campers and drug dealers.
▪ The Judah area used to be an area where the trolls and car campers would be left alone.
▪ This summer, campers will be flocking to them like never before.
▪ Thompson recommends campers come as early as possible on Friday nights for weekend camping.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Camper \Camp"er\, n.

  1. One who lodges temporarily in a hut or camp, especially who sleeps in a wilderness for recreation.

  2. A person who stays at a summer camp or day camp.

  3. A vehicle, such as a small truck, or a pickup truck with a hood over the back, equipped for convenience while camping out.

    happy camper a person who is pleased with the situation in which s/he finds him/herself. Often used ironically or in understatement, especially in the negative; as, the passengers left behind on the island were not a bunch of happy campers.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1630s, "soldier," agent noun from camp (v.). Meaning "attendee at a camp meeting" is from 1806; meaning "one who sleeps in temporary quarters outdoors" is from 1856; that of "motor vehicle with sleeping quarters" is from 1960. Extended use of happy camper is from c.1987.


a. (en-comparative of: camp) n. 1 A person who camps, especially in a tent etc. 2 A motor vehicle with a rear compartment for living and sleeping in 3 (context video games English) A person who stays in one spot during a first-person shooter game, typically with a sniper rifle equipped.

  1. n. someone living temporarily in a tent or lodge for recreation

  2. a recreational vehicle equipped for camping out while traveling [syn: camping bus, motor home]


Camper may refer to:

  • A person who engages in camping.
    • In online games, a player who stays in one area of the game world, see camping (gaming).
  • A trailer (vehicle) or vehicle accessory used for camping, see recreational vehicle, travel trailer, popup camper. or camper shell.
    • A Campervan, a self-powered van converted for camping.
Camper (company)

Camper (; , meaning "rustic") is a shoe company based in Inca, Spain. Lorenzo Fluxà Rosselló founded the company in 1975 after inheriting a shoe factory from his father, Antoni Fluxà, a Majorcan shoemaker. The Camper brand is marketed globally and has been expanded to the hotel chain market.

Usage examples of "camper".

Others had the Kid spread against the Jeep, and the Bandana against the camper, while three more tried to restrain the girl, who was spitting and clawing.

But for all the whir and flash of brilliant birdlife above the placid water--for all the screams of the fish hawks and the noise of crows and grackle in the cypress--for all the presence of another camper among the trees to the west, the days were quiet and undisturbed.

Three narrow aisles extend to the left of the door, offering the usual roadside merchandise: every imaginable snack food, the basic patent medicines, magazines, paperback books, postcards, novelty items designed to hang from rearview mirrors, and selected canned goods that sell to campers and to people, like Vess, who travel in homes on wheels.

Once the Rottweilers were secured on leashes, Kalo had hustled them into the camper truck and locked the tailgate.

Rear and side camper windows in a variety of styles had been mounted on pegboard and hung on the wall.

Camper records the case of a sailor who fell from a mast and struck upon some fragments of wood, one of which entered the anus and penetrated the bladder, the result being a rectovesical fistula.

Boadicaea would drive the camper to the outskirts of Stenton to steal some food, while Brutus rode shotgun, armed with the pistol.

There, parked at the end of a man-made jetty, sat two Winnebago campers and a beer truck.

Father was so afraid that some of the campers and guides would help him that he had notices sent out at Mr.

Pack the stuff in campers, five and six tons each, and send it to Miami on U.

Monk, all the way praying there would be campers or real forest rangers around who could help them.

Among the commercial establishments, many seemed travel-related: gas stations, car dealerships, tire sales, car washes, camper shells, and automotive repair.

They were experienced campers themselves, as she quickly discovered when she saw the pots and pans and clothes-boilers for the mussels which they had brought.

He drew forth half a dozen sheets, and showed them sketches that Lady Camper had taken in church, caricaturing him in the sitting down and the standing up.

She started seeing a casual dope dealer called Ziggy who owned a Volkswagen Camper.