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n. (context colloquial English) A camisole.


CAMI can refer to:

  • CAMI Research Inc., developer of CableEye® wire cable and harness test systems.
  • Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, a Civil Aeromedical Research Institute
  • CAMI Automotive, a Canadian automobile manufacturing company.
  • Columbia Artists Management, a talent management agency
  • Camisole, a sleeveless undergarment for women
Cami (disambiguation)

A cami is a woman's undergarment which covers the top part of the body.

Cami may also refer to:

  • Cami Dalton (21st century), American author
  • Nicolas Camí (born 1981), French soccer midfielder

Usage examples of "cami".

At that word, Cami choked on her food, and shook a finger at the dwarves.

Paks was startled to see the Training Master grab Cami by both shoulders and hug her.

But as she watched Cami move a tray out of her way and settle onto the table, the Training Master touched her shoulder, and beckoned.

After the events of the day before, Paks had hoped to get Cami as her sponsor, but instead Amberion led her before the crowd.

At his nod, Cami suddenly seemed to catch fire, wreathed in a white radiance too bright to watch.

What for Cami had been joyous and exhilarating gifts were to Alasen things to flee from as fast as she could.

It's a thimbleful compared to what I would have swallowed if you and Cami hadn't thought so fast.

Reluctance in every line of her, Cami left the room and closed the door behind her.

You may be able to fool Cami and Ostvel, and perhaps even Andrade, with this nonsense about not being sure.

Other princes had arrived early and set up their tents, and Sioned identified them for Cami and Ostvel, who had come to inspect the area before the main column of Rohan's suite arrived.

Let's seered is Prince Vissarion of Grib, that silly pink for Seldeen of Gilad, and green for Chale of Ossetiathat one's easy, Cami, you remember when he came to visit at Goddess Keep and the whole place was awash in green uniforms.

I'm Cami to my friends, and if Sioned doesn't promise to buy something pretty for herself, I'll tell you what her nickname was as a child!

Tobin's plans sailed away on the afternoon breeze as she and Cami followed Sioned through the Fair, Meath in silent attendance.

But there was nowhere to go for escape, and when Cami suggested a game of chess to take their minds off their misery, Sioned gladly agreed.

And as different as his first wife had been from his second, Cami and Alasen would both laugh themselves silly at the irony of his being surrounded by ninety-nine diarmadh'im without a Sunrunner in sight.