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n. (plural of call English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: call)

Usage examples of "calls".

She had given notice that she would pay no calls, and she was quite right.

I answered quietly and politely that the honour of walking with him would be enough to make me put off all other calls, and I asked him to be seated while I made haste to dress myself.

Can you not, then, understand that I am subject to another law, and that it forbids me to allow you or anyone else on this property, under my rule, to counsel anyone to do what the Church calls evil?

The executioner calls him an ingrate for squirming when the axe falls.

Your Honor, that he has come to plead the cause of the man he calls Pope.

In it, Jesus calls a little child to him, and tells how we must all become little children again before we can enter Heaven.

Yates or Franklin calls, ring continuously until I can get in to answer.

When Angela is in bed with me, she embraces me lovingly and calls me her dear abbe.

Vais calls upon you, tell me whether you have informed him of my having spent a few days in Ancona?

He calls two stout fellows, one takes my bag, the other shoulders my sheep, and forward!

I only went to the parlour of the lazaretto, where, placed behind a grating, you can speak to any person who calls, and who must stand behind another grating placed opposite, at a distance of six feet.

I only know that she calls herself Henriette, that she must be a Frenchwoman, that she is as gentle as a turtledove, that she has evidently received a good education, and that she enjoys good health.

Every master I serve calls me according to his fancy, and I have served more than fifty in my life.

I was sad at her leaving me, but my calls to take leave served to rouse me from my grief.

He also calls himself a barrister, though he is such only in his own imagination.