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vb. (context archaic English) calls: (en-third-person singular of: call)

Usage examples of "calleth".

Maximus Proconsuls, where he spent his youth in learning the liberall sciences, and much profited under his masters there, whereby not without cause hee calleth himself the Nource of Carthage, and the celestial Muse and venerable mistresse of Africke.

The Life of Lucius Apuleius Briefly Described LUCIUS APULEIUS African, an excellent follower of Plato his sect, born in Madaura, a Countrey sometime inhabited by the Romans, and under the jurisdiction of Syphax, scituate and lying on the borders of Numidia and Getulia, whereby he calleth himself half a Numidian and half a Getulian : and Sidonius named him the Platonian Madaurence : his father called Theseus had passed all offices of dignity in his countrey with much honour.

Heart calleth unto heart, and we draw our pleasures from the deep wells of loving-kindness which lie in the quiet recesses of our bosoms, and which, when resorted to, furnish forth the pure element of domestic felicity.

Know, then, innocent eastern friend, that in benighted regions of the west, where the mud is of unfathomable and sublime depth, roads are made of round rough logs, arranged transversely side by side, and coated over in their pristine freshness with earth, turf, and whatsoever may come to hand, and then the rejoicing native calleth it a road, and straightway essayeth to ride thereupon.

I bring thee tidings that the Master calleth for thee, and expecteth thee to stand in His presence in clothes of immortality within this ten days.

Who will take this missive from me to the town of Chester, and bring back from my aunt what it calleth for?

This calleth for dreams, and that right speedily, if we are not to fall into his hands.

Fear of things invisible is the natural seed of that which every one in himself calleth religion.

Robin, of beginning must Rob make an end, for duty calleth Sir Robert, so must Robin away.

Some cry out against sin even as the mother cries out against her child in her lap, when she calleth it slut and naughty girl, and then falls to hugging and kissing it.

So likewise the Scripture calleth Christ a COMPLETE, or perfect, or able HIGH PRIEST.

And for his honor, So calleth he his pride, he counts it not, Or lightly counts it, if he rudely break, Of true and faithful hearts one more or less.

Hearken, amid the morning dew, Mary, a voice that calleth you,-- Then Mary turned her golden head, And lo!

The sweetness of our life together should make it easier for me to yield thee to the fuller life which calleth thee.

God calleth folk to him in sundry wise, And each one hath of God a proper gift, Some this, some that, as liketh him to shift.