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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Caliph \Ca"liph\ (k[=a]"l[i^]f), n. [OE. caliphe, califfe, F. calife (cf. Sp. califa), fr. Ar. khal[=i]fan successor, fr. khalafa to succed (i. e. a successor of Mohammed).] Successor or vicar; the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state; -- a title of the successors of Mohammed both as temporal and spiritual rulers, used formerly by the sultans of Turkey. [Written also calif, kaliph, kalif, khalif.]


n. (alternative spelling of caliph English)


n. the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth; "many radical Muslims believe a Khalifah will unite all Islamic lands and people and subjugate the rest of the world" [syn: caliph, kaliph, kalif, khalif, khalifah]


Calif may refer to:

  • Caliph
  • Abbreviation of California
  • Calif, a subsidiary company of French bank Société Générale

Usage examples of "calif".

Young Calif had a great deal to live up to, Madia thought, recalling some of the men she had dallied with, the finest knights in all of Ariman.

Worry about that later, she thought a little desperately, taking Califs hand and leading the way along the docks.

That was to be our climax, and for the present we concentrated on the mediaeval Saracenic glories of the Califs whose magnificent tomb-mosques form a glittering faery necropolis on the edge of the Arabian Desert.

She pointed to three large Styrofoam cartons marked AMERICAN SPORT DIVERS, LAKE ELSINORE, CALIF.