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Cala (or CALA) may refer to:

Cala (footballer, born 1989)

Juan Torres Ruiz (born 26 November 1989), commonly known as Cala, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Getafe CF as a central defender.

Cala (footballer, born 1990)

Sergio Calatayud Lebrón (born 2 March 1990 in Antequera, Málaga, Andalusia), known as Cala, is a Spanish footballer who plays for Real Jaén as a midfielder.

Usage examples of "cala".

The one minor sigil I managed to take away with me from the palace at Cala Blenholme remains under my bed in a locked lizard-wood box.

Chronicle Year 1112, in the Cathran capital city that was called simply Cala in the days preceding the Sovereignty.

Salka, Green Men, Small Lights, and Beaconfolk who haunted the place in prehistoric times, High Blenholme was shunned by Continental explorers and would-be settlers until the mighty invasion fleet of Bazekoy the Great sailed into Cala Bay, and he himself planted his standard at the mouth of the River Brent.

Most of the Cathran navy was at sea, enforcing the blockade against Didion, and the capital city of Cala on the south coast would be vulnerable to a lightning assault from mainland ports.

Vra-Kilian Blackhorse came into the royal bedchamber in Cala Palace, scowling like the wrath of God, and commanded everyone to withdraw.

My husband would have been content to remain safely in Cala if your uncouth witch-doctor had kept a tactful tongue in his head.

They have apparently persuaded tippen and Foraile to strike at Cala from the sea, should I attack their country by land.

When she came to Cala to marry Conrig six years earlier, the court ladies had fluttered about her like frivolous butterflies eager to test the nectar of an exotic new flower sprung up in their midst.

Their draperies had not yet been drawn, so that the lamps on the palace battlements and towers were visible, as well as those in the great city below Cala Hill.

How could the Conjure-Princess of Moss be here in Cala Palace, speaking to her husband in his private apartment?

Castle Vanguard, and they had persisted during the journey back to Cala Palace and in the weeks since then.

Go down to the docks in Cala Harbor and throw it into the water so that it may return to me.

He had flung aside the bedcoverings and lay naked to the cold predawn wind blowing in from Cala Bay, silently cursing the day he had taken the moonstone sigil from the dead sorcerer.

Not long after returning to Cala Palace, Prince Conrig had commanded Sir Hale to cram as much martial training as possible into his young protege during the few weeks available to them, even if it left Snudge temporarily lame.

His sunny, unspoiled nature had made him a favorite of almost everyone in Cala Palace.