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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cag \Cag\, n. See Keg. [Obs.]


init. 1 (context military aviation nautical English) (initialism of commander of the air group English) 2 (context finance English) (initialism of compound annual growth English) 3 Comptroller and Auditor General 4 (context medicine English) (initialism of coronary artery graft English)


CAG may refer to:

  • CAG, in biology is the codon that codes for the amino acid glutamine
  • The CAG promoter used in molecular biology
  • Canadian Association of Geographers
  • Comptroller and Auditor General
  • Commander, Air Group, the informal name for the senior US Navy officer who, as leader of the Carrier Air Wing (CVW), is responsible for all the embarked squadrons, their aircraft and their personnel aboard an aircraft carrier; CAG is a vestige of when Carrier Air Wings were still called Carrier Air Groups
  • Cheap Ass Gamer, an online bbs community
  • Chinese Academy of Governance, a training center for middle and senior government officials of the Chinese government.
  • Citrix Access Gateway
  • Closed angle glaucoma
  • Consumer Action Group
  • Combat Applications Group, an abbreviation of the official name of Delta Force, a United States Army Special Operations Command military unit
  • Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca, a series of original-language texts of ancient and Byzantine commentaries on Aristotle
  • Computer-assisted gaming, used for example for PnP role-playing games
  • Consensus audit guidelines, a set of twenty security controls for cyber defense published by the SANS Institute
  • Chassis Air Guide, in computers is Intel's thermal solution to PC chassis
  • Cagliari–Elmas Airport (IATA airport code: CAG) in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
  • Craig–Moffat Airport (FAA airport code: CAG) in Craig, Colorado, United States
  • CAG is the ICAO airline designator for China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC)
  • Communication Arts Guild
  • ConAgra Foods Inc., stock ticker on New York Stock Exchange

Usage examples of "cag".

CAG had always been an aviator before all else, and it must have been galling to be chained to this desk trying to coordinate the activities of the entire air wing without going crazy.

CAG had said there would be no SAR flights off the Jefferson, that the Thais were insisting on handling the search for Batman and Malibu themselves.

CAG had mentioned that Batman and Malibu might have gone down on the Burmese side of the line.

As soon as the Banshees came in range of communist guns, Cag began to descend in swift jinking dips and dives to confuse ground gunners, never staying on either course or altitude for longer than fifteen seconds.

So the Cag turned away and as he did so Brubaker looked down from the carrier deck onto the quay and there stood Nancy and the two girls, dressed in winter coats and huddling together to protect one another from the wind.

But a more present problem was at hand, for the Cag stormed across the garden, his cigar jutting belligerently ahead like a mine sweeper.

The tough airman was known throughout the navy as a fireball and this time Tarrant, himself an airman, knew the Cag was right.

It was hinted that a bright and brash young man was needed for rapid promotion to a command of real authority and Tarrant guessed that the Cag was being weighed as an eventual task force commander.

Admiral Tarrant stared impersonally at Fujiyama, the wonderful mountain, and although he wanted to agree with Cag, he pondered precisely what question would most completely throw this young hothead off balance.

And remember that when Cag goes down for the pictures, keep 3,000 feet above him.

Farther on a communist working party strove to rebuild a major bridge, but this morning Cag ignored them, certain that later flights would halt the work.

At that instant Cag started his bold run into the western entrance to the valley.

It seemed positively impossible that Cag could writhe his way through such fire but he bore on, clicking his shutters at the doomed bridges.

Then, to the surprise of the communists, Cag brought his men in over the same check points as before and cheated some of the communist gunners, who had been gambling that he would use the other entrance to their valley.

Aloft, Cag heard it and turned his jets back to keep watch upon their stricken member.