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n. (context constellation English) A summer constellation of the southern sky, said to resemble a chisel.


Caelum is a faint constellation in the southern sky, introduced in the 1750s by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille and counted among the 88 modern constellations. Its name means “ chisel” in Latin, and it was formerly known as Caelum Scalptorium (“the engravers’ chisel”); It is a rare word, unrelated to the far more common Latin caelum, meaning “sky, heaven, atmosphere”. It is the eighth-smallest constellation, and subtends a solid angle of around 0.038  steradians, just less than that of Corona Australis.

Due to its small size and location away from the plane of the Milky Way, Caelum is a rather barren constellation, with few objects of interest. The constellation's brightest star, Alpha Caeli, is only of magnitude 4.45, and only one other star, (Gamma)γ Caeli, is brighter than magnitude 5. Other notable objects in Caelum are RR Caeli, a binary star with one known planet approximately away; X Caeli, a Delta Scuti variable that forms an optical double with γ Caeli; and HE0450-2958, a Seyfert galaxy that at first appeared as just a jet, with no host galaxy visible.

Usage examples of "caelum".

Theoretically, either MorningStar or StarDrifter could talk to the child, try to reassure him, but since Azhure had let neither of them talk to Caelum before this, he would not trust them, and would, in all likelihood, be so terrified by the time Azhure let either of the Enchanters near her that it would be too late anyway.

She was in discomfort now, and Caelum surely was, but it would be nothing compared to what would come.

He had held Caelum and sung to him as Rivkah and MorningStar washed and attended to Azhure.

He hated leaving, but he was needed, and Azhure and Caelum had recovered well.

That night, as Axis and Azhure sat before the fire in their chambers, Caelum wriggling naked and cheerful on a rug between them, Azhure asked Axis how he felt about aiding Borneheld.

Constantly amazed by the depth of communication between father and son, Azhure hugged Caelum to her, murmuring softly.

Axis sat and watched Azhure nurse Caelum, listening to the magical melody of the Star Dance as it danced about and between them, then he spoke as if nothing had interrupted their conversation.

She simply secured Caelum in a sling on her back next to her quiver of arrows, and rode Venator out of Sigholt.

Azhure kicked Venator into a canter as they left the bridge, Caelum and the Wolven secured to her back and the pack of Alaunt surrounding her dancing red stallion.

She had a baby herself and plenty of milk, and already helped Rivkah with the task of caring for Caelum when Azhure and Axis were both busy.

Azhure muttered, looking anxiously about her and then relaxing into a smile as she saw Rivkah hurrying across the courtyard with Caelum in her arms.

I thought perhaps I could insist that you and Caelum stay here when I rode south.

Axis and Caelum, three hundred years from now, both still young and vital.

Azhure picked Caelum up from his crib, and cradled his head close to her mouth.

Azhure held Caelum in her arms, and he gazed at the gathering below with the serene blue eyes his mother had bequeathed him.