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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Caddie \Cad"die\, n. [Written also caddy, cadie, cady, and cawdy.] [See Cadet.]

  1. A cadet. [Obs. Scot.]

  2. A lad; young fellow. [Scot.]

  3. One who does errands or other odd jobs. [Scot.]

  4. An attendant who carries a golf player's clubs, tees his ball, etc.


Cadie \Cad"ie\, Caddie \Cad"die\, n. A Scotch errand boy, porter, or messenger. [Written also cady.]

Every Scotchman, from the peer to the cadie.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"hat, cap," 1846, of unknown origin.


n. (alternative spelling of kady English)

Cady (surname)

Cady is a surname that may refer to:

People bearing it include:

  • Benjamin A. Cady (1840–1920), American lawyer
  • Bertha Cady (1873 – 1956), American entomologist and educator
  • Carol Cady (born 1962), American field athlete
  • Charlie Cady (1865–1909), American baseball player
  • Chauncey G. Cady (1803–1893) American farmer and politician
  • Claude E. Cady (1878–1953), American politician
  • Daniel Cady (1773–1859), American jurist & father of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • E. F. Cady (fl. 1860), American entrepreneur & settler
  • Frank Cady (1915–2012), American actor
  • Frank A. Cady (1858–1904), American lawyer
  • Hamilton Cady (1874–1943), American chemist
  • Harrison Cady (1877–1970), American illustrator
  • Hick Cady (1886–1946), American baseball player
  • Horace H. Cady (1801–1887), American farmer and politician
  • J. Cleaveland Cady (1837–1919), American architect
  • Jack Cady (1932–2004), American author

Cady may refer to:

  • Cady (surname)
  • Cady (given name)
  • Max Cady, fictional character
  • Cady, County Fermanagh, a townland in Magheraculmoney parish, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Cady (river)

The Cady (Catalan: Cadí) is a 19 km long river in the Catalan Pyrenees of southern France, near the border with eastern Spain. It rises on the slopes of the Canigou, flows through the Cadí cirque where it feeds the Cadí Lakes, and continues northward to Villefranche-de-Conflent where it empties into the Têt.

Cady (given name)

Cady is a given name.

Those bearing it include:

  • Cady Heron, fictional character in Mean Girls
  • Cady Noland (born 1956), American artist
  • Cady Huffman (born 1965), American actress
  • Cady McClain (born 1969), American performer & author

Usage examples of "cady".

Cady had given her a stern lecture when Agate had told her of the encounter.

Cady said, and Agate was relieved to hear the acceptance in her voice.

Cady used the word often, and though Agate had never asked what it meant, she knew it was a derogatory word all the same.

They give line-dance lessons and we want to know how for when we visit Cady and Kix in Texas.

If Laundress had attacked Jeanne or Cady, Maggie would have had to fight her.

Her cousin Cady could discuss the rinceau motifs used in the decoration of sixteenth-century majolica dishes for hours on end, but Sylvia could design long-term corporate strategy.

Cady, wife to the great Shikar Warrior Obsidian, glided into the room.

Obsidian and Cady had departed from the chamber, Tryton turned to dismiss Edge and Cinder, but motioned for The Traveler to stay behind.

It was all Tryton could do to keep from ordering him from the room as he bent and examined Cady.

Obsidian and Cady loved each other in their chambers, Tryton and Grimm spoke quietly of recent events.

Cady, Citizen Coyote Jones, Student of Multiversity Two, Asteroid Harvard, First Galaxy.

When Detective Donald Cady had left the silverware factory, his purpose had been to go straight to the New Avalon Hotel.

Hobby Show were Newell Cady, Upton Beaton, and Chief Stanley Atkins, and they moved slowly along the great assemblage of tables on which the entries were displayed.

But just when all the ballyhoo is at its height, Cady rescues the book with a well-orchestrated shift of gears, bringing it all back down to the quieter level where it had begun, and the battle proceeds to resolve.

And from the desperados, whether they be Einstein or Elizabeth Cady Stanton, come the strength and the upheaval that moves the world forward toward light and reason.