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Cadia is an American Christian pop band composed of long-time best friends Courtney Myers and Tori Smith. They both went to school at Christ Presbyterian Academy. Their name, Cadia, is derived from the Greek word Arcadia, meaning place of peace, symbolizing the peace found when fears, insecurities, and trials are released.

The group's debut album includes a song written by Nichole Nordeman called "Inside/Out", which was chosen as the official theme song for Women of Faith's Revolve Tour in 2007.

Myers is the older sister of Carolyne Myers from the Christian pop group pureNRG.

Cadia (plant)

Cadia is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae. It belongs to the subfamily Faboideae.

Unlike most plants in the Faboideae, it has radially symmetrical flowers. In related species with bilateral symmetry, such as those of Lupinus, the dorsal (upper or adaxial) part of the flower expresses one or more genes in the Cycloidea (CYC)/Dichotoma (DICH) family. In Cadia, these genes are expressed throughout the flower. Thus, from a molecular point of view, Cadia is not reversing the ancestral evolution from radial symmetry to bilateral symmetry, but obtaining radial symmetry from a new mechanism.