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n. (plural of cade English)


CADES (Computer Aided Design and Evaluation System) was a software engineering repository system produced to support the development of the VME/B Operating System for the ICL New Range - subsequently 2900 - computers.

From its earliest days, VME/B was developed with the aid of CADES, which was built for the purpose using an underlying IDMS database (latterly upgraded to IDMS(X)). CADES was not merely a version control system for code modules: it was intended to manage all aspects of the software lifecycle from requirements capture through to field maintenance.

It was the design of CADES that paved the way for the Alvey Project in IPSE (Integrated Project Support Environments) and Process Control Engines. Because CADES was used for more than 20 years throughout the development of a large software engineering project, the data collected has been used as input to a number of studies of software evolution.

CAdES (computing)

CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures) is a set of extensions to Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) signed data making it suitable for advanced electronic signatures.

Usage examples of "cades".

The Cades of Illinois and the McCrays of Kentucky had engaged in a blood feud from the mid-nineteenth century to the outbreak of World War II.

That conflict had damped the fires of the feud by killing off dozens of Cades and McCrays, and leaving the survivors with their fill of death.

So if the McCray family was not actually cheering Alvy on, they were at least tolerating his assaults on the Cades as not particularly troubling.

All of the Cades and McCrays who might have directed their lethal energies against one another were sent off to other parts of the world to kill new enemies.

He took it as a measure of how the Cades valued wildlife far more than McCrays.

Thirty minutes later the two Cades were at the county courthouse in nearby Murphysboro, where they watched Richard Shuster get the homicide charge against Evan summarily dismissed for lack of evidence.

The chief sighed and launched into a brief account of the Cade-McCray feud, how Alvy McCray had initiated assaults on various Cades, and how most people on the Illinois side of the dispute were not about to say anything that would help one of their Kentucky enemies.

The one place the three Cades had yet to look was the Shawnee National Forest: 270,000 acres of woodland with 1,250 miles of paved, gravel, dirt, and grass roadway running through it.

Stepping into the Oval Office, Del saw the Cades seated and waiting for him.

The little city in Tennessee was often referred to as the back porch of Cades Cove.

And at precisely nineteen hundred, the Cades returned from the dig for dinner together.

She knew that other people thought that the Cades were eccentric for bringing their daughter with them on every dig, especially so young a child.

It had come second-hand from a child on a Class Three dig, like most of the things that the Cades got.

The literature on the Cades would never have mentioned their paralyzed daughter, nor the tragedy that caused her paralysis.

Under cover of running a search on EsKay digs, he pulled up the information on the personnel, backtracking to the last EsKay dig the Cades had been on.