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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cade \Cade\, a. [Cf. OE. cad, kod, lamb, also Cosset, Coddle.] Bred by hand; domesticated; petted.

He brought his cade lamb with him.


Cade \Cade\, v. t. To bring up or nourish by hand, or with tenderness; to coddle; to tame. [Obs.]


Cade \Cade\, n. [L. cadus jar, Gr. ?.] A barrel or cask, as of fish. ``A cade of herrings.''

A cade of herrings is 500, of sprats 1,000.
--Jacob, Law Dict.


Cade \Cade\, n. [F. & Pr.; LL. cada.] A species of juniper ( Juniperus Oxycedrus) of Mediterranean countries.

Oil of cade, a thick, black, tarry liquid, obtained by destructive distillation of the inner wood of the cade. It is used as a local application in skin diseases.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"pet, tame," mid-15c., used in reference to young animals abandoned by their mothers and brought up by hand; of unknown origin.


alt. 1 (surname A=An English metonymic occupational from=occupations dot=) for a cooper. 2 (given name male from=surnames) transferred from the surname. n. 1 (surname A=An English metonymic occupational from=occupations dot=) for a cooper. 2 (given name male from=surnames) transferred from the surname.


adj. (of a young animal) abandoned by its mother and raised by hand; "a cade calf"


Cade or CADE may refer to:

  • Cade (horse) an important sire of Thoroughbred racehorses
  • Cade, Oklahoma
  • Juniperus oxycedrus, also called the Prickly Juniper
  • CADE, Conference on Automated Deduction, an annual computer science conference
  • CADE, Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica ( Administrative Council for Economic Defense), a Brazilian governmental agency
  • CADE, Customer Account Data Engine, a modernized IRS database housing tax information
Cade (horse)

Cade (1734–1756) was an important foundation sire of Thoroughbred racehorses. He was the Leading sire in Great Britain and Ireland in 1752, 1753, 1758, 1759 and 1760.

Cade (novel)

Cade is a 1966 thriller novel written by James Hadley Chase.

Usage examples of "cade".

But now, Ridgemont is determined to take her for his own, and Cade is the only one who can protect her.

Now, caught in a web of fear and passion, she and Cade must learn to trust each other, even as an immortal monster stalks their every move.

How can you help but like the handsome Cade who ignores his own pain to protect and love the mortal woman?

Immediately readers are drawn into this story by the very steamy love affair between Cade and Valerie.

Still, Cade had known the dark side of such abilities too long to find them seductive.

Without that connection, Cade doubted he could have found the strength to free her and her sister, then distract the killers until both children could escape.

It had been a psychic compulsion Ridgemont himself had planted after starving Cade for two weeks.

Groaning, Cade gingerly lowered himself to one knee so he could unzip the bag and pull a sawed-off shotgun out of its thick nest of money.

Just across the threshold, Cade almost stumbled across a male body lying unconscious on the floor.

The instant her feet hit the ground, Cade snatched back his hands as though her skin burned his.

As she spoke, Cade could feel the silken skin of her face brush against his knuckles.

Lying there listening to her heartbeat, Cade slowly relaxed into a strange, fragile sense of peace.

That flash of reflection Cade had seen must have been the blade barely missing his head.

The cop stared at them blankly as Cade backed the Lexus out of its space and shot toward the back exit.

The ancient had then used law enforcement to track them down, something Cade damn well should have foreseen.