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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ One could not ignore the existence of situations in which it was necessary to act the part of the cad.
▪ One that, as an added bonus, makes him apologize to his ex-wife for being such a gosh darn cad?
▪ That he himself happened to be a congenital cad only made the whole thing more difficult, not easier.
▪ These two mindless cads decided to bring the girl along to the East and have her foot the bill.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cad \Cad\, n. [Abbrev. fr. cadet.]

  1. A person who stands at the door of an omnibus to open and shut it, and to receive fares; an idle hanger-on about innyards. [Eng.]

  2. A lowbred, presuming person; a mean, vulgar fellow. [Cant]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1730, shortening of cadet (q.v.); originally used of servants, then (1831) of town boys by students at British universities and public schools (though at Cambridge it meant "snob"). Meaning "person lacking in finer feelings" is from 1838.A cad used to be a jumped-up member of the lower classes who was guilty of behaving as if he didn't know that his lowly origin made him unfit for having sexual relationships with well-bred women. [Anthony West, "H.G. Wells: Aspects of a Life," 1984]


abbr. (context finance English) Canadian dollar init. 1 (context computing English) (initialism of w:Computer Aided Detection Computer Aided Drafting English) 2 (context computing engineering English) (initialism of w:Computer-aided design computer-aided design English) 3 (context computing English) control alt delete 4 (context import/export English) Cash Against Documents; an arrangement where the purchaser must pay the total price in cash in order to get shipping papers from the seller or (usually) a third party. 5 (context medicine English) coronary artery disease 6 (context public safety English) (initialism of Computer Aided Dispatch English)

  1. n. someone who is morally reprehensible; "you dirty dog" [syn: bounder, blackguard, dog, hound, heel]

  2. software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing [syn: computer-aided design]

CAD (disambiguation)

CAD or Cad may refer to:

CAD (gene)

'''CAD ''' is a gene which encodes several enzymes involved in pyrimidine biosynthesis. De-novo synthesis starts with cytosolic carbamoylphosphate synthetase II which uses glutamine, carbon dioxide and 2 ATP. This enzyme is inhibited by UTP.

Usage examples of "cad".

Radado formed the western end of a great ancipital migratory route which stretched across the whole of Campannlat, the ultima Thule to which the creatures came in the summer of every Great Year, to go about their unfathomable rituals, or simply to squat motionless, staring across the Cadmer Straits towards Hespagorat, towards a destination unknown to other life forms.

Were I humble enough to treat them as my equals by being natural with them, they would then call me a conceited ass and a cad.

His clumsy earnesty in the garden had lent her fleeting hope that he might be different than any other insufferable cad.

I must acknowledge myself indebted to my late private tutor the Eton cad, Joe Cannon, whose fancy lectures on noseology, and the science of the milling system, had enabled me to 4 Brandy and port wine, half and half.

Heath would appear to be a cad, a scoundrel, a seductor of young ladies who kissed and told.

Renamo used mainly women porters, trained since girlhood to carry weights on their cads That quantity of avgas was sufficient to keep the Hind flying for almost two hundred hours, and by then there would be a good chance of capturing a Frelimo fuel tanker, either on the railway line or on one of the roads nearer the coast that were still open to traffic.

The young agent took the photographs of the girls and pinned them to the corkboard, just above the CAD diagram of the slaughterhouse.

She knew perfectly well why Cad Mandy Rocher had pulled off his overrobe slowly, stretching, before the underclass wrestling matches.

He is an absolute cad, yet for some inexplicable reason or another it pleases you to masquerade before him.

He was as his State had made him, and the reader must not imagine because he was a little Cockney cad, that he was absolutely incapable of grasping the idea of the Butteridge flying-machine.

Now and again she would declare herself to be brokenhearted, and would say that things might go their own way, that she would send in her resignation, that she would retire into private life, and milk cows, that she would shake hands with no more parliamentary cads and "cadesses",--a word which her Grace condescended to coin for her own use, that she would spend the next three years in travelling about the world.

Those cads never suspected a thing until they were dragged before the magistrate!

It had been her experience that the liar was the hottest to defend his veracity, the coward his courage, the ill-bred his gentlemanliness, and the cad his honor.

Here tennis was played on grass courts, while in the Horse Shoe Piazza, Mullalay's orchestra could be heard throughout the day as unenergetic ladies took the air, often together, while the energetic men were all at sea in sailboats and the unenergetic ones had withdrawn to the Casino's Reading Room, where they were safe from ladies, cads and books.

When she had finished, she studied the mechanical drawing on the CAD plaque for some time, committing the design to memory before erasing it.