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n. (plural of cabal English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cabal)

Usage examples of "cabals".

I was saying, being a young lawyer seeking to make a name for myself outside the Cabals I must, unfortunately, chase down my cases.

According to Cortez, the Cabals had strict policies against employing any supernatural being that might mistake them for lunch.

Cabals, or a doctor who fixed up a supernatural attacked by the Cabals, they leave him alone.

I wanted to investigate Cabals more, if only to further our understanding of them.

All of the Cabals had censured her, meaning that their members were forbidden to seek her teachings.

The comparison between Cabals and the Mafia was as old as organized crime itself.

I had heard of Cabals, but my mother always downplayed their existence.

I know the Cabals, know them more intimately than anyone you could hopeor would wantto meet.

Here, though, I was faced with something I could not denythat they had acted in a way that made them no better than the Cabals, perhaps even worse.

On a low flat shore, far away, white cabals of ghosts huddled and leaped, colossal and formless.

Narcotics on the corners sold in twists by macerated youths, militia in aggressive cabals, their mirrors sending the light back around the street.

Duc de la Vauguyon, was a man who had been appointed to that most important post by the cabals of the infamous mistress and parasites who formed the court of Louis XV.