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sym. the 1100s or twelfth century.


C12, C.XII or C-12 may be:

  • C12 Workmen's Compensation (Agriculture) Convention, 1921
  • C-12 Huron, a logistics support aircraft of the U.S. Military (military versions of the Beechcraft Super King Air)
  • C-12 Vega, an early transport of the United States Army Air Corps
  • Albatros C.XII, a World War I German military reconnaissance aircraft
  • Autovia C-12, a highway in Catalonia, Spain
  • Cierva C.12, a 1927 British experimental autogyro
  • HMS C12, a British C class submarine of the Royal Navy
  • JNR Class C12, a class of Japanese steam locomotive
  • Sauber C12, a 1993 racing car
  • Spyker C12 Zagato, a 2008 Dutch car
  • USS Columbia (C-12), a light cruiser of the United States Navy
  • C-12: Final Resistance, a video game for PlayStation
  • Caldwell 12 ( NGC 6946, the Fireworks Galaxy), an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellations Cepheus and Cygnus
  • The 12th century

and also :

  • Carbon-12, the most abundant stable isotope of carbon
  • Malignant neoplasm of piriform sinus ICD-10 code
  • Bill C-12 in Canadian law